Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM 5.1 Launched

Nov 27, 2012 · 5 min read

Zilicus, the provider of award winning online project management software — ZilicusPM, launched its latest version ZilicusPM 5.1. In the latest version it enhanced resource management, collaborative project planning and advance time tracking feature along with improved integration with Google Docs® .

Houston, TX, Nov, 26th 2012 — Zilicus Solutions, the leading provider of cloud based project management software, announced launch of the latest version ZilicusPM 5.1. ZilicusPM 5.1 takes project planning, tracking and management of project schedule, resources to next level, providing better controls to project managers.

Recently, ZilicusPM has been announced a winner of the project management software category. At the time of receiving this award, we reiterated that the success of ZilicusPM is attributed to the fact that we have been listening to our customers’ voice, offering comprehensive features as well as an engaging project management experience. Keeping up this promise, we continue to offer simple yet comprehensive and engaging project management tool. We are really excited to announce launch of the latest version of your favourite project management software — ZilicusPM 5.1 “, said Nagin, co-founder of Zilicus.

Some of the features introduced in the latest version of ZilicusPM are as follows

Advanced Resource Management

Project schedule can be delivered on time, if it is planned well considering most appropriate constraints. One of the important considerations while planning project is resource availability, allocation and utilization. ZilicusPM 5.1 has introduced two vital aspects of planning, tracking and monitoring resources.

  1. Resource Load Chart

ZilicusPM has been supporting resource utilization for a project; by introducing Project Resource Load Chart in ZilicusPM 5.1, ZilicusPM gives project managers a real time view of resource load across all projects as well as resource load for a given project. To make it intuitive and easy to understand colors used in load chart clearly display whether a given team member is under allocated, optimally allocated or over-allocated. Users can export resource load chart to spreadsheet/excel.

  1. Real time Resource Availability

ZilicusPM 5.1 lets project managers and planners use an excellent utility to help them in assessing whether a project resource can be assigned a given task based on his availability across all projects. Project planner can see real time availability of a given resource, his/her load across all projects. It also shows how a given resource will be loaded if a given task is assigned to him/her (what-if analysis).

Project Resource Load Chart in ZilicusPM 5.1
Project Resource Load Chart in ZilicusPM 5.1

Project Resource Load Chart in ZilicusPM 5.1

Enhanced Google Docs Integration

ZilicusPM 5.1 is tightly integrated with Google Docs® (Google Drive®). Users can browse through folders in their Google Drive, just like folder browser and select desired Google document or search for it. Once a Google Document is selected, user can link it, to a given project. User can always create multiple versions of document — major and minor versions, in ZilicusPM.

Advance Time Tracking

Track time against risks, issues and miscellaneous items

Based on customer feedback, an advanced timesheet feature has been introduced. Using the latest timesheet tracker in ZilicusPM, team member can log time against tasks, issues, risk or miscellaneous/ad hoc items for a given project. Users can remain assured that every project activities they have worked on, can be tracked through time tracking tool in ZilicusPM. Thus issue tracking and risk management as well as ad hoc project activities are now made time-trackable in ZilicusPM.

Timesheet details can be viewed by team members. Project manager and portfolio managers can view timesheet reports. These reports can be exported to excel spreadsheet.

Configurable working days

ZilicusPM has already reached multiple geographical territories (45+ countries). ZilicusPM already support different date, time formats and time zones, these countries have. With the launch of ZilicusPM 5.1, preference can be set by administrator, using which, organization administrator can configure weekly working days for their organization.

ZilicusPM 5.1 includes many other features and enhancements, some of these features are

  1. Participative project planning to enable project group leaders to manage schedule
  2. Users can search tasks in a given project by task name
  3. Project manager can request for task update from task assignees
  4. Set of new reports are being added in the latest version of ZilicusPM
  5. User interface for project team member has been enhanced and it is now much more informative, actionable and intuitive

To view screenshot of the features introduced in ZilicusPM 5.1, please visit this page.

The Way Forward

Trusted by users in more than forty five countries, ZilicusPM has emerged as the top-most choice for project and program managers because of the feature-richness and incredible performance. Customers have highly appreciated ZilicusPM for simplifying project management processes.

This award winning project management software will be launching ZilicusPM 6.0 in early next year. The next version of ZilicusPM will be introducing newer functionalities requested by its customer as well as planned features as per product roadmap.

Zilicus Solutions will be strengthening its partnership program by signing up agreement with affiliates, resellers, VARs and marketplaces across US, Europe, Latin America, Australia and other countries.

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Your life can be become easier with the right project management software. ZilicusPM is the right PM tool for you and your team. Get started now.

About Zilicus

Zilicus Solutions is a technology company that offers Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) based collaborative software. Its online project management software ZilicusPM — delivers on the promise of collaborative planning to improve team performance. By actively involving employees with ZilicusPM and realizing gains in productivity, companies can meet strategic & organizational objectives. To sign up for 30-day free trial, view product information, or take a product tour please visit


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