First Medium post!

There are many firsts in people’s lives. This is an another first of mine~

I joined Medium for no more than half of a year. However, I have fallen in love with it almost immediately and spend a significant amount of time on it every day. Yeah, every day!

I know I like it so much. But why? There are two major reasons:

  • Content. Content is key. Every day, I scour the internet for things that interest me. People who writes on Medium have real talents and make great points. I have learned so much from these people and I definitely should be grateful to Medium for providing such a great platform.
  • UX. User experience. Myself is a front-end developer and am genuinely interested in UI design (which is not just the look and feel). I dare say that Medium represent a successful product with so many UI best practices. These folks behind Medium even put some effort in the app update message to make it interesting.
That is detail!

After reading so many great articles, why don’t I try writing my own ones? I know I am an engineer, and I know I suck at writing from very young. But it will never make me any better if I never start trying. Put aside the terrible writing, what’s more important is: I do have something I hope to write down to share with people who are interested and as a remind/collection to myself. I guess when you have enough input, the output comes naturally.

So here I am, as a first-timer, excited and nervous. I decide I should focus on my interests: technology, programming, web design etc. I really love the open community and wish every one could learn from each other.

That’s how we move forward to achieve greatness, aren’t we?

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