The power of accumulation

You would be amazed at how much you have learned if you pick up a simple thing every day.

I’m a front end developer and interested in all kinds of front end tools and frameworks. I like trying out new stuff and pick up new knowledge. I’m also an out speaking person. I like to share things I learned with people around me and sometimes suggest them to try. While they are surprised at how fast I learn, the most common response I get is

I don’t have the time…

Ok… It’s definitely understandable. Nobody has the time to learn everything at one time. That’s why we choose what we want to learn and how much.

Learning is a process of accumulation. We don’t need to learn one programming language at one shot. One concept, one syntax trick or one piece of software will do. Kicking start the leaning process is more important. Everything is harder at the beginning. Once you get started, the rest of the pieces will just fall in place. Maybe later you found there’s no need to go down the path any more, or there’s something more useful and interesting that’s worth leaning, which is totally fine.

This is especially true in the web development world. People say the competition among front end tools is just like a game of thrones. Any one can be killed by any one at any time. This illustrates how fast this industry is changing which kind of requires you to pick up things fast.

When I look back, all the small things I picked up each day add up. Even myself is surprised at how much I have learned during the most recent years thanks to the open web. (And there is still so many things out there for me to learn which makes me excited!)

So get started! Enjoy learning! May the power of accumulation be with you.

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