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How ZillionSource, a Cisco-invested IoT Startup, Helped MARY KAY Cosmetics Transform Their Supply Chain Management

Prior to ZillionSource, MARY KAY had been relying on 3rd-party logistic vendors for its supply chain operation. The managing team has been in active searching of advanced solutions to monitor cargo conditions, improve logistic vendor management and exchange live data with the ERP system. By adopting ZillionSource products and IoT platform, MARY KAY has been able to achieve unprecedented high visibility and operation efficiency for its supply chain management.

MARY KAY, a house brand cosmetic company, was making great progress on attacking the world’s 2nd largest market: the Chinese market. Relying on the 3PL to distribute its cosmetic products from CDC (in Hangzhou) to RDCs (in Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou), and then from RDCs to distributed sales reps through FTL and LTL across China. However, what was actual happenings across the supply chain was largely unknown. It was kind of like a black box to the management team. This had caused great concerns to the MARY KAY’s supply chain management team. 

They had to ask them some tough questions:

What if the cargo suffers from any excessive shock or free drop that could cause costly damage to fragile goods?
What if the cosmetic goods are to exposed to adverse temperature and/or humidity?
What if the cargo deviates from its intended route? Do we know whether the cargo is actually being delayed?
What if the truck stops frequently to collect other people’s goods in violation of established protocol?
How to monitor 3PL to make sure they comply with signed contracts?
How to exchange live data securely with its existing ERP system, so enterprise planning can benefit from the live data from the supply chain?

ZillionSource Helps MARY KAY Achieved Total Supply Chain Visibility and Control

Through actionable intelligence based on real-time monitoring of a plethora of parameters (temperature, humidity, shock, light exposure, pressure, position, geo-route, geo-fence, motion and etc.), MARY KAY gained full visibility and control for its supply chain.

ZillionSource’s advanced technology provides completely customized Configuration per customer and per route in any situation

Prevent quality degradation: Continuous monitoring of temperature & humidity for real-time alerts
Alert shock & drop: Measuring 3-axis accelerations on mini-second intervals
Avoid cargo theft & abnormal stops: Based on motion, light exposure and related pattern recogni­tion, MARY KAY knows in real time if there are too many stops or cargo theft
Avoid shipment delay: Through "shipments" functions, where users can set up geo-fence or geo-routes, MARY KAY knows exactly where the shipments are and can accurately predict when it will arrive

MARY KAY has made significant Improvements after Applying ZillionSource’s Solution:

Supply chain management KPl’s for the first time all meet the highest standard just two month after imple­mentation
3PL vendor selection and management are now based on “big data”
Status of all external logistic operations are now internalized through real-time data collection, and enter­prise planning is now much more accurate thanks to live data from the supply chain

ZillionSource’s core competence arrives from four areas:

Full scale and real-time monitoring & alert mechanism - contrary to other solutions that record temperature and other data every hour, we collect and report temperature data for medicine and produce every 3 minutes, and inform any abnormal conditions at the same minute of occurrence
Extraordinary Power Management - comparing to other solutions that can only sustain 3 or 4 days with a 20-minute reporting interval, our device, with the smallest form and lightest weight, lasts many months.
Full Suite Platform Integration - Unlike solutions that lack an enterprise cloud platform to reliably support real-time analytics and data exchange, we support our solution with our award-winning high performance loT platform

ZillionSource Helps Companies Worldwide for Real-Time Supply Chain. We provide customized transportation solutions for different segments of clients around the world.

For example, for customers like Apple, Microsoft and DHL, ZillionSource’s system can monitor cargo routing, stopping, door opening and humidity along the transportation routes between Asia and US or between Asia and Europe, with total journey mileages spanning over 10,000 miles both on land and ocean.

While for grocery chain customers, ZillionSource’s superior long battery life has enabled them to track the shipment in foreign markets at the very high monitoring and reporting frequency to prevent potential financial losses caused by the shrinkage from the cold temperature and the shortened shelf life from the high temperature.

ZillionSource, a Cisco-invested IoT startup has made significant progresses within a little less than two years and gained many paying customers. As a result, the company has reached over a million dollar revenue along the journey winning multiple international awards.

2014 IoT World Forum Grand Innovation Award 
2015 Investment from Cisco
2016 GSMA’s Asia Mobile Awards

ZillionSource has served its global customers all the way from Asia to Europe markets, helping them to deploy the state-of-the-art supply chain real time monitoring solutions. With ZillionSource’s cost-effective and superior technology platform, our customers have been able to improve their operation efficiency and increase the customer retention rate and satisfaction.

To learn more about ZillionSource’s supply chain IoT technologies and solutions, please visit our website at 
Or find us on Twitter ZillionSource
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