I have created several blogs for the past 6 years. Somehow it ended up with deletion of them, because (1) it was too cheesy, and (2) life got in the way. Lately, the thought of a new, revolutionary blog has came to mind. So, here we go……on the n-th try (I lost count!), I have created this Medium account and an alter ego to learn articulating my chaotic mind in healthy way.

Windows to the Soul

They said eyes are window to the soul. This window connects writer’s and readers’ world. As writer, I will share stories that I think is interesting enough. It could be storiette of life, opinion on popular topics, traveling experiences, or music analysis. Constructive responses from readers are, of course, openly welcomed. I am also looking forward to reading various stories from others and be inspired by them.

About Me

When you look at my profile, I wrote description of myself as…

  • Face in the Crowd. I am, just like you, trying to make a sense of life, fighting my way to survive, and wanting to be a better person.
  • Harmony-seeking Idealist. It is also known as INFJ in Myers-Bridge Type Indicator. If you want to know what’s yours, take the test here.
  • Music Enthusiast. I listen to musics daily, from choir, pop, oldies, to hard rock genre. I enjoy analyzing them, especially vocal techniques, pattern, and arrangements. I also take pride in finding some random songs in the Internet, and ended up liking them.
  • Amateur Photographer. I plan to include photos that I took as illustration. Otherwise, I will include the link to where I found the photo. Once in a while, I will also update stories from my traveling experience.

Why the alter ego?

Simply because I value privacy. Moreover, I intend to do writing as therapy. Thus, I believe this alter ego is the easiest way to ensure the safety of my identity. By the way, remember how Tom Marvolo Riddle revealed himself as Lord Voldemort? Yes, mine is also anagram of half of my full name. Long story short, the “Zillions Arcs” represents the numerous chaotic thought on my mind. Pretty cool name for an alter ego, don’t you think?