I am no stranger to a password manager as I’ve been using LastPass for several years. I remember being very impressed when they were the first (?) to come out with support for filling credentials into arbitrary Android apps. But these days, with support for password managers being built into Android, this advantage over its competitors has been nullified. Generally, LastPass has served me adequately. There are a few things about the experience which annoy me; thus I am on the hunt for a better alternative.

Here is a brief wishlist for what I’d like over LastPass:

  • Faster interface. LastPass takes a second to show…

Update: Sadly, this won’t work anymore, due to CrashPlan substantially increasing their list of globally-blacklisted file paths. If you know of a suitable alternative to CrashPlan for affordable Linux live full system backup, please do let me know!

I couldn’t find any information on this, so after working it all out, I thought I’d write up the process for others. I’ve been meaning to start a blog for years — here goes!


CrashPlan say that their software is not intended to be used for backing up a full operating system; only your personal files. A few years ago, I decided to try them out for this regardless, backing up the full Arch Linux operating system on my home server in addition to the family’s personal files it serves. …


Brendan Weibrecht

Ruby software craftsman, hacking enthusiast, Linux evangelist, and connoisseur of modern punk rock. Dislikes spicy food and chocolate

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