Being Single Is Hard
Emma Lindsay

I connect with your story so so so much, and i really needed to hear someone else talk about this, so thank you for writing about it and being so open. You don’t need to be complete, you don’t need to be unbroken, you don’t need to be anything. What if self acceptance is about saying that being single IS hard? Maybe accepting yourself doesn’t mean rejecting/denying/ignoring the need for physical affection. Maybe it is about accepting that need and saying that it is okay to crave someone else’s touch, and that doesn’t make you less “datable”, it doesn’t make you needy, it just makes you.. you. Maybe self acceptance is not about being a perfect person who doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night to cry, maybe it is about not judging yourself if you do. Maybe this is what self acceptance means. It’s staying with these thoughts you’re having without judging them, no matter what their texture feels like, no matter how unpleasant and fragile/weak they make you feel/look.