Opportunity on the Internet is Dying

Everyone who has made it hordes the success to those who are already successful. There are no mentors that seek out people who want to do great things because there are too many people saying OH LOOK AT ME! Yeah I see you and your zero views and all your bought stuff. You’re all saturating the internet and making content creators who do everything from scratch harder and harder to been seen; don’t be static.

Be it or delete your shit.

It’s like the internet has become infected with pretenders who are even bad at that! It’s fucking terrible and I had to pretty much give up on my talent and effort meaning anything because everyone and their pet rock is content creator.

It’s fucking ridiculous and annoying. This is what I really think and some of us have NOTHING ELSE AT ALL so this is what we’ve put years of learning and designing into. But because all of you are not real you don’t recognize it. A wise man once said real recognize real and that’s why it’s so difficult to connect or have a conversation with anyone now.

Everyone is so stuck in themselves and what they want they aren’t willing to take the time to network and make sure that they are not a loose link. I have never been a loose link and whenever anyone has ever came to me I have always been solid; next to no-one is like this.

But it wasn’t always this way. Years ago the internet was a different place and everyone wasn’t so damn cynical about shit. It’s crazy and people need to pull their heads out their ass long enough to recognize where the fuck they are at and be in the moment.

Oh and you think your favorite content creators are cool? Nah man they aren’t cool they aren’t inclusive with their community. They’re just in it for making locked chat rooms and dividing members of their communities up into different areas; why deliberately participate in virtual segregation?

You know what?

I’m an admin of some pretty big discord communities and I never go into the locked channels. I’m just there in the open so anyone can talk with me and if I can’t say something in front of anyone then I probably shouldn’t be saying it at all; that’s integrity.

Just think about this and share it so people can get it cause people don’t consider it.