To Where Might the Blockchain + Game Combination Lead Us?

In the transformation process from the traditional Internet to the mobile Internet, the games industry, thanks to the high level of maturity and comprehensiveness to which their profit model is structured upon, have undoubtedly become the rightful recipient of the first wave of dividends from their success. But we all know that technological innovation is always constantly moving forward. The blockchain technology, as a transformative tool that creates and adds values to the range of information available in the Internet, has also become an essential element that enhances the Internet’s productivity. The game industry is also about to usher in a wave of revolution based on the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Speaking of blockchain games, you have to mention the CryptoKitties (fascination cats) on the Ethereum in November 2017. CryptoKitties is a blockchain-based pet-raising game that encompasses the stages of cats giving birth to kittens, collection, purchase, and sales.

In the initial stages of the game, the developer sold 100 “creation” cats, and one “0-generation” cat will be born every 15 minutes after which they will be available for sale. Each cat looks different, and the gene can be passed on to the next generation: if two electronic cats mate, the children born will inherit their own 256 genomes, affecting appearance, personality, characteristics, etc., with a total of 4 billion variations. The more the kittens mate, and the later they were born, their fertility rate will experience a decline. The closer a cat look with the 0th generation, or the more unique its appearance is, the more expensive it is.

CryptoKitties has 150,000 registered users and US$ 15 million in trading volume in just half a month. At the peak of the day, up to 14,000 users can be present, occupying as much as 25% of the trading volume of the Ethereum blockchain. Such sudden occupation of the Ethereum has once caused the Ethereum transaction to be heavily congested.

Half a year later, the DAU of CryptoKitties showed a steep plummet. The project that may just surpass the peak achievements of CryptoKitties is Fomo3D, a gambling game launched in early July.

1. When the game starts, the system automatically starts counting down for 24 hours.

2. Players can buy one or more keys with ETH. The key is the bonus right. The more keys, the more dividends will be obtained.

3. When purchasing a key, the player will choose a team that will affect the prize pool and the dividends after the game ends. The four teams are Snek, Whale, Bull, and Bear.

4. As soon as someone successfully purchases the key, the game countdown will be reset, that is, the countdown will start again from the 24-hour mark.

5. The ETH that the player spends on purchasing the key will be charged to the prize pool. Players who have previously purchased the key will receive a bonus from the prize pool.

6. As the game progresses, the price of the key will continue to increase, and the ETH required to purchase a key will increase.

7. If no one buys the key, the game countdown will not be reset. At the end of the 24-hour countdown, the game will be over.

8. At the end of the game, the last player who purchased the key will become the final winner, and will win 48% of the ETH in the pool.

9. 48% of the ETH in the pool is allocated to the winner; 2% to the Community Foundation; and the remaining 50% to the others according to the prize allocation set earlier in the four-team mode.

The loser of gambling games in general are the “last man standing”, but in Fomo3D, this player will actually become the winner of the massive 48% ETH in the prize pool, which what makes this a very interesting game.

As of July 31, the prize pool has accumulated to 21,701 ETHs, which is approximately US$ 9,434,292. The total ETH investment has reached 96,088.217, or approximately US$ 41,773,391. The current accumulated dividend is 74,386.524 ETHs, or approximately US$ 32,338,797. Also, the normal trading volume is about 70,000 per day during the peak period.

Amidst the profitable economic momentum that the blockchain is riding on, there is absolutely no shortage of people who are willing and brave enough to get their hands on the share. This time, similar to the onset of the Internet era and that of the intelligent machines, geeks are driving the improvement of technology. At present, while the technology limited by the blockchain compatibility may not be mature enough, the basic public chain may not be solid enough, and the blockchain game may not have been well developed. But I believe that in the foreseeable future, more excellent blockchain games will surely spring up.



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