Healer Twins : Meet The Duet On A Soul-Soothing Mission

Marrying their passion for music and the belief of music’s ability to heal, to their profession as doctors, the duo Healer Twins was born in 2011. The Georgian twins based in the U.A.E are quickly gaining momentum and recognition for their piercing double-edged artistic ability on a global scale. Liana and Thea who have been singing since the tender age of nine, are set to release their debut album around September 1st, 2016 under the record label K&G Productions.

Their music, promises to ignite and revive a sense of wellness in all with their style encompassing a blend from an extensive pool of music genres to include but a few, Neo soul; Indie Rock and Trip Hop. The twins attribute their musical style to their Georgian roots as well, pointing out the incorporation of Georgian folk and classical influences spanning the likes of Bob Dylan and Nina Simone.

The Healer Twins is now an established band making music that can be enjoyed by music lovers from all walks of life!

We weren’t kidding when we said they have a double-edged artistic ability!! The Healer Twins are featured on the internationally acclaimed blockbuster film STAR WARS: The Force Awakens incurring a great deal of publicity in turn and making appearances on various TV shows within Georgia and Russia as a result. The delightful duo continues to perfect their acting ability in short films, embracing future features in motion picture.

Having performed at many events of an artistic nature in Dubai such as the Gulf Music Festival and DIFC Art Nights, these lovely ladies express that their primary goal is that of performing their music on tours across the globe with the hope that they can touch more lives and soothe more souls in today’s fast-paced and more often than not, hectic world.

The duo relay that their biggest challenge and perhaps that of many musicians in the region stems from the lack of adequate support for musical communities and the need for the media such as local radio stations to give artists a platform to showcase their talents to the MENA region and the world.

Intensifying their campaign, the Healer Twins have partnered with ZingoHub — a platform where creators and innovators continually get to discover and fulfill their potential as leading influencers in their chosen industry through services that connect driven individuals to build a strong foundation on the concepts of community and collaboration.

As this dynamic duet embarks on their quest to cure with their music, one thing’s for sure- there’s no stopping these Healer Twins on their soul-soothing mission! Check out their crowdfunding project on ZingoHub!