3 Ways to Make Your High School Experience Easier

High school can be an extremely stressful time, but also a rewarding one. As a high school student myself, I understand how difficult it can be to balance school work as well as a social life and athletic activities. Throughout my experience, I was able to pick up a few ways to make high school life easier.

Develop a Disciplined Work Ethic!

Procrastination is something I am often guilty of, but diligence is a key component of a successful high school career. Rigorous coursework can lead to students being swamped, so careful planning is key. By doing work in advance and creating a set schedule for how to complete a large assignment or project, you can free up time to be spent on other areas. Leaving assignments to the last minute will not only will cause you to submit mediocre work, but will also limit the time you have to spend with friends, play sports or do any leisure activities.

Make Sleep a Priority

A major way to make your high school experience easier is to ensure that you are getting enough sleep. Many students need to wake up early to get to school and stay up late to complete their work, leading to an unhealthy sleep schedule. Reserving time for sleep is crucial to a happier high school experience. Some tricks I use to stay relatively well-rested are to take short naps which serve as study breaks or even sometimes to go to sleep very early and wake up earlier in the morning to finish the rest of my work.

Be an Active Member of your School Community

Another way to make your high school experience easier is to be active in your school. Being part of school clubs or teams can be an enriching experience and can provide a social outlet from school work. Being active in school also includes class participation. Actively participating in class can foster strong and close relationships with teachers which will enhance your time in class with that teacher (and this comes in handy when it’s time for college recommendations).

In conclusion, high school is a stressful and busy time that is sometimes hard to handle. Hopefully these tips can help some students lighten their high school experience.