Scheduling Your Test Date

Stressed about picking the right day to take your SAT or ACT? Don’t be! Throughout the year, there are 7 SAT dates and 6 ACT dates. It is important to choose the best test date for your schedule and readiness so that you can make sure you do your best.

When choosing a testing date, consider your time commitments such as sports, volunteering, and jobs. You should allow yourself at least 2–3 months to study for your test. For example, if you participate in a fall sport, choose to take a late winter or early spring test. If you participate in a winter sport, choose to take either an early fall or a late spring test. If you participate in a spring sport, choose to take a fall or winter test. If you participate in sports during multiple seasons, check your schedule to determine the months during which you will have the most time to study for your test. Many students do the majority of their studying the summer before their junior year and then take the test multiple times that school year.

Do not wait until the fall or winter of your senior year to take the SAT or the ACT. You may not be satisfied with your results, but it may be too late to retake it if you want to include your new results in your college applications. Make sure that you look at all of your college application deadlines before scheduling a test date, and leave yourself ample time to retake the test should you so choose. Take note that if you are applying Early Decision or Early Action to a school, the October tests are the last ones that can be submitted to your college of choice.

If you are planning to take both the SAT and SAT subject tests, make sure that your SAT subject test date is not the date on which you are planning on taking the SAT. You cannot take both the SAT and a subject test on the same day. College Board lists all of the subject tests and their testing dates — make sure to consult this website before you schedule a spring SAT test.

Be sure to keep all of these things in mind when you schedule your SAT or ACT test date. With the right planning and preparation, you’ll get your best scores!