Liberland nation branding: how a small country chooses to play in the “Pro League”

For whoever still has never heard about Liberland, we’re talking about a very young country, born a little more than 2 years ago: in a small triangle of territory on the border between Croatia and Serbia, never enforced as own land by one or the other of these two states, the young czech libertarian Vit Jedlicka decided to start a new country, based on full libertarian principles: no parliaments, totally voluntary taxation, maximum economic freedom, and citizenship which can be bought, or better deserved, by working for the project of establishing this new country. More than 400.000 people from all the world applied for the citizenship on this genuinely libertarian state.

Differently from other cases of people planting a flag on their courtyard, and declaring the existence of their personal kingdom, Liberland is not meant to be a “joke state”. There has been right from the start a full diplomatic activity, establishing contacts with political parties in all the world, to earn as soon as possible an official aknowledgment as a country. With its 7 square km of extension, Liberland is bigger than Vatican and Monaco, and right from the start has had a supporter in the Prince Adam of Liechtenstein, king of one of the smallest country in the UN, and one of the few political figures in the world in having fully understood what has to be, and what has not to be, a state in the third millenium, as the title of his book.

All the thousands of individuals who support this project from all the world, have given their help to develop everything there is about a country: a national beer, a national football (soccer) team, prototypes of coins, and Liberland itself has promoted an architecture contest to design the city which will be built on this small piece of woods and river beach. In the following image a vision of the winning project.

The Nation Branding

Liberland has had right from the start its national flag, the first thing which identifies a country, shown here: there is the Danube river, an eagle as symbol of freedom and a tree as symbol of prosperity.

After just two years since Liberland is born, it has been time to abandon the old faithful flag to undertake the design of a complete graphic identity project, which is fundamental for a successful Nation Branding. The construction of a recognizable brand, and the building of a positive sentiment of the customers toward the brand, is one of the most important tasks of marketing in the third millenium. “Branding, branding, branding” is what a marketing manager of a medium-big firm must repeat to himself as fundamental approach to a complete marketing effort.

Many important cities and countries in the world have developed their own Destination branding, aimed to develop a brand tourists could appreciate and love. Needless to say, Liechtenstein is one of the most successful examples of tourism promotion trough a well designed Destination Branding.

For Liberland there was the opportunity to build not only a Destination Branding, but also a Nation Branding: designing from scratch a new flag, coat of arms, coin and banknotes, all representing and communicating the values Liberland is built on: freedom, peace and prosperity.

The original flag, difficult to remember and to draw easily, has been redesigned with a simple three bands flag, in blue, white and green. White and blue are 2 of the colors (with the red) composing the flags of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia, and called the panslavic colors.

In this flag the blue is a symbol of the Danube river, the white the symbol of the Liberland island, and the green is the symbol of the Liberland woods and as well the color of prosperity and hope.

The complete new nation branding has been developed by the young italian Alessandro Casciaro (on the right in the flag photo), and incudes the coat of arms, realized with a silver eagle, with a green eye, on a blue shield of triangular swiss shape. The eagle is a symbol of the human action and as well of cleverness.

There is also a very nice study about the coins and banknotes, everything can be seen on the project here.

From the Nation Branding to the Destination Branding

The complete design of the Nation Branding has included a new motto, useful also for Destination Branding. The Liberland payoff, since from the start has been “To live and let live” and it summarizes the libertarian vision: to live free and let everybody else to live free. Liberland has not attracted just ultralibertarian minded people, but also many creative workers who live literally “cross borders”, and doesn’t need a phisical office: they just need a place where it’s possible to invent, art or technology or both, and Liberland, thanks to the international community that will be developed there and the economic freedom at the base of its concept, can be a natural capital of creative people from the whole world. Reason why, Liberland has a new logo and a new payoff “Create to live. Live to create”. It’s like saying to creative people from around the world “You’re welcome here to work and succeed”.

The three colored dots include the green and the blue of the flag, and a color in the middle of both (the dot on the “r”).

As explained in the introduction, Liberland is in a continuous growth project aimed at becoming a full internationally aknowledged country, as well as becoming the best organized state in the world. Nation Branding is one of the most important steps to reach these goals, and for maybe the first time in modern years, has been possible develop not only a touristic Destination Branding but as well the whole Nation Branding. And both tasks have been scientifically studied to be in the “Pro League” of states. Remember always: branding, branding, branding…