President Trump takes Middle East by storm and calls out ISIS Losers!

President Trump takes his first foreign trip and kicks it off by making an amazing appearance in Saudi Arabia to a huge Middle Eastern Trump Rally where the President was explicit in all countries of the Middle East common ground which is #1 Peace and #2 The removal and disposal of ISIS completely. Public Television media giants such as CNN and NBC as well as ABC and Fox all gave 4 different versions of the event and the public has so many views of it aside from the fact that there is video footage and dialogue from what is in the dialogue nothing red flags evil or violence such as the TV companies are indicating. Television has always had a failure to provide official real facts and 1 more time every network on TV floundered what was easily the biggest foreign trip in US history. President Trump also dropped by The Vatican and visited an extremely enthusiastic Pope Francis who was very roused by the very beautiful First Lady Melania Trump which was a complete bonus as Pope Francis retracted his statements about President Trump over 1 year ago by taking in the Trump Family to the Vatican a pure sign of Peace between 2 of the biggest leaders on the World stage.