Ziplok Kindly Asks To Be Blocked By Kim Kardashian Gets Blocked By Twitter For 7 Days

Ziplok — Zip It Up Now

August 28th at about 10am I read this article about Kim Kardashian and she was on some magazine for some thing for some non reason. So I took to twitter to kindly ask Kim if she would kindly block me from her page so I get no more reports from the family that I dislike so much. Instead of kindly responding with a nice and easy block Kim goes and writes to twitter and asks them to suspend my Ziplok page @realZiplok because I am sure she was scared. PC posting online has never been a big thing for me but this time around I was PC and kind and let her have the note that I did not want to be on her radar period and instead this stupid over paid actor goes and complains to Twitter when it was much more simple than that. If you are on twitter and have a complaint about anyone just do not even say anything because it looks like Twitter is going fully communist by holding up the rights of the Kardashians over the rights of any regular person like me.

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