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“Virtually Unstoppable”

In the not too distant future a highly immersive virtual reality world has become humanity’s next frontier. We shop, we work, we live lives completely separate from our real ones. But within that world lies a seedy world of crime. Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays the virtual world’s most respected detective. Within the virtual world his avatar is an unstoppable force of deductive reasoning and violent results-getting methods. But in the real world he’s a socially awkward loser who can’t get a date or make a friend to save his life AND still lives with his mom (Debra Jo Rupp). This show explores how virtual reality’s number one enforcer of the law is actual reality’s number one zero and how those two lives intersect and effect each other. Each week he goes toe to toe with and takes down a virtual criminal in between being rejected and ignored by everyone in the real world.

USA: $6

Procedural / Drama: $10

Multi-Camera: $5

Website / Home: $6

Any American Suburb: $2

CMP: $3 (The Great Indoors)

DJR: $4 (That 70’s Show)

Twists: None from that list.

Misc: None from that List.

Total: $36

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