Easier Exercise

Think back to your public-school days. Odds are you probably didn’t enjoy PE. But the teaching styles of the PE teachers most of us had was something that turned some of us away. Having an overweight teacher preach to you about healthy eating and trying to convince you to exercise and do things that they themselves can’t even do. Nobody hates that teacher or exercising more than me. My one exception is playing soccer, which has kept me pretty fit. It’s not that I can’t keep up or handle it, I just have a hard time getting mentally in the zone. Like me, millions of Americans struggle with getting in zone mentally, except they don’t have the exception I do. A majority of adults aren’t getting enough exercise. Benefits that accompany exercising allow you to live a better life. You feel more productive and less lethargic. I personally believe that a good night’s sleep, eating well, and a good support system can help make it easier to exercise. Exercise is something you shouldn’t take lightly, it may be hard but it’s worth it.

A major part of getting mentally in the zone is finding something that you like, for me that is soccer. Exercise comes in many forms ranging from running to lifting weights to Yoga to playing sports. It comes in four different forms: Cardio, Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, and Flexibility. Not everyone is the same and neither are ways of exercising. Exercise gets easier the more you get into it. My freshmen year of high school I was running every day and could run a mile in under 5 minutes. My freshmen year of college has been different, I have run once this quarter. The only difference between those years was the people I surrounded myself with. High school I was surrounded by other runners, College I have surrounded myself with non-active people. The thing is you don’t have to surround yourself with athletic people, you can just find someone to exercise with and use the commitments you make to help you power through. Commitments are a powerful tool that can make anyone do anything as long as they say they would and that the person whom they said that too holds them accountable.

Eating healthy and getting a good night’s rest can help give you the energy and will to exercise. When your body feels good you don’t feel as sluggish, which allows for you to exercise easier. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t eat sweets and greasy food, but it does mean eating them in moderation. In addition to eating well, getting enough sleep is another big thing. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, when it comes down to exercising, you’re going to be too tired. At a minimum, you should at least be getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

With a good support group, enough sleep, and a healthy diet, you can get in the zone mentally and exercise without hating it. Exercise is hard work, but nothing in life is just handed to you. If you put the work in, you will get what you put in out of it. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

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