Breastfeeding While Black

An Introduction

Welcome to Breastfeeding While Black. This blog is intended to encourage and inform Black women and their supporters to continue on their journey. This is my life and I welcome you to it!

The Beginning

My story begins almost two years ago. I was a 28 year old first time mother who was going to breastfeed. This choice was made based on the things I’d been told and the minor research I’d done, but I knew breastfeeding was what I wanted to do. My first attempts at feeding my baby girl were in the hospital. It hurt, but I’d read that was normal, so I asked for help and pressed on. It kept hurting. I kept trying. I asked nurses for help and they tried, but they also offered formula when my daughter started losing weight. I refused and kept trying. Once we were home I kept putting my sweet girl to the breast, but she’d almost immediately fall asleep. After feedings she would cry and cry until she fell back asleep. After a week of this, I realized that she was hungry. I finally broke down and gave her formula, telling myself it would only be until I could see a lactation specialist. It never stopped. I was disappointed in myself and, after further research, I realized, it was avoidable.


My son was born in July of this year (2017). I was dead set on breastfeeding this time around. I had loads of information and knew exactly where I’d gone wrong with my daughter. This time I was going to win! It’s October now and I have been exclusively breastfeeding my son for almost 3 months. I’m proud of myself, but beyond that I am grateful. I didn’t do this alone. I had a community of people encouraging me, informing me, and pushing me. That is exactly what I want to do here.

A Helping Hand

This is a safe space. This is a place for rest, for resources, for comfort, and for encouragement. My goal is to help bridge a gap that should never have existed and provide someone else with what they need to succeed. My experiences with both of my children and my current breastfeeding journey will be my guide, as well as research and a whole lot of love. So, please, come in and relax. We will take this walk together.

A Reason

This picture was sent to me by my English professor and perfectly illustrates my “why”. There is a disparity between the amount of black women who choose to breastfeed versus other races. This gap is due to society, family, misinformation, and lack of support. I’m here to let you know that your choice matters and you can breastfeed, if you want to. I believe in us!