AI and Data Science in Trading is an event for senior management from hedge funds and investment banks to discover how to maximize their alpha. During this two day conference, 95 industry-leading speakers from the top asset management companies, academia and technology providers will participate in various panels. The AI and Data Science in Trading Conference is the largest focused meeting of experts within Capital Markets using AI for alpha discovery, managing risk and optimizing portfolios, and takes place annually in both New York and London.

Zirra is sponsoring this year’s conference to be held in London, 16–17 of September.

The Zirra stock performance benchmarks are based on scoring stocks and weighing their index value using our (non-market) data and (proprietary tech) insights.

These benchmarks have been maturing for the past year and we are releasing them to the general public. If you’re interested in more info or in a personal demo please contact us.

The first two benchmarks are the Zirra US Large Cap and Zirra US Small Cap.

The Zirra US Large Cap offers a long basket containing the highest scored companies among the ~1,000 largest (market cap) US public companies, as well as a short basket containing…

by Yael Moav, Director of Research at Zirra

Looking to do a competitive analysis?

As a technology company entrenched in the company analysis arena, we have done our fair share of company analysis reports, both automatically generated through our AI platform as well as in-depth research by our expert research team.

One of the most demanded and crucial sections in such a task is the competition breakdown — critical statistics gathered on the closest competitors and reviewed side by side. This is the most basic form of a competitive study, and the basis for further deeper analysis.

The methodology we…

by Aner Ravon, Zirra Co-Founder & CPO

We just launched Zirra Desk.

It’s not perfect or anything close to perfect. For me, as Chief Product Officer, this always comes with a huge heartburn. That said, if you don’t let people use your product, it will never be usable, let alone perfect.

If you hate reading, feel free to skip the next few paragraphs and jump straight to the demo clip.

If you’re into company analysis as we are, try giving us a couple of more minutes of attention? Greatly appreciated!

Desk marks a pivotal point in our journey. The first…

by Aner Ravon, Co-Founder & CRO

We just launched Zirra Desk, and we’re inviting you to be among the first to use it. Check it out here.

Zirra’s AI automatically categorizes information into attractive report

We’re excited about this milestone and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

The first 2 years of our journey were fully devoted to understanding our customers’ specific pain points and need. The next 2 years were focused on developing a product that really addresses them.

Our market is filled with mediocre, expensive, products.

Our aim is to change the world of company analysis to the point where none of us will remember…

Aner Ravon, Co-Founder & CRO

When you meet customers, prospects, candidates or investors, you tell a story. Your story is much more than just the best way to get your point across. In fact, it is more important than you can (sometimes) imagine.

Here are my own tips on how to successfully deliver a story that not only helps your business objective, but your personal ones as well.

Yes, I know, you must have read many of these before. …

Moshit Yaffe, Co-Founder & CEO

During my evenings, if there’s no other drama, I prefer to be home and prepare myself for the coming day.

My life is full. Thankfully and luckily, I have a family and plenty of friends. I’m also a founder of a young company, which means I work super hard and do my best to make all ends meet successfully.

Developing your company means you look forward to meeting as many people as possible. But guess what? I turn down evening networking events. By principle.

Let’s be honest for a second. How many people did you…

By Aner Ravon, Zirra Co-Founder & CRO

There are two reasons why company analysis products are a bad buy. The first is called pricing. And then there’s the value you get for that pricing.

Company analysis is something required for a number of reasons. Investment decision support, credit ratings, competitive assessment, selecting the right strategic partners.

But it’s also necessary for plenty of other important, sometimes life-changing decisions, such as understanding the true nature of the company you are interviewing for.

In most cases, we’re not aware of our options. We google, we read something, we ask for advice, trust…

We’re making company analysis smarter, faster, and easier. We’re excited to introduce our newest AI-based tool — the Automatic Memo.

Here are some things that take more than two minutes:

  • Getting more than two people to decide on pizza toppings
  • Tying a perfect Windsor knot
  • Realizing that the guy who’s been pitching you his startup does not actually understand blockchain technology

Here is a thing that takes less than two minutes:

  • Collecting company fingerprints and insights you need — for any company. For free.

Zirra is proud to present its latest AI achievement: the Automatic Memo.

In the time it…

On paper, the numbers are great, but there are factors that can’t be quantified. The case for qualitative analysis in a quantitative world.

Let’s go back: it’s summer 2015. A simpler time. That “Want to Want Me” song won’t stop playing, over and over again, from every radio on Earth. The phrase “fake news” has yet to enter common parlance.

And in every publication is a profile of a young woman, often accompanied by a photo of her in a black turtleneck, studying a tiny vial holding an even tinier drop of blood. …


Clear, structured, alternative data-driven insights, purposefully built to improve your alpha and risk exposure.

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