When it comes to corruption

The Western civilization produced two types of politicians: Robespierres and Dantons. The difference between these two is: Danton is light-fingered and Robespierre is red-handed. Danton accepts a small bribe. We know that Danton was regularly accused of being corrupt. Of course, he was a lawyer. But Robespierre never. Robespierre’s mandatory signal was that he was unbreakable. What we see is that Danton wanted a liveable system; he attempted to consolidate terror during the Jakubin dictatorship, while Robespierre had triggered the terror until it swept himself away too. I always despise those who are corrupt, that is to say, the Dantons, and I’m afraid of those who are not corrupt, because they are the Robespierres and the Hitlers.

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