52 Weeks, 52 Authors #1

Hi! I’m Zac. I’m currently in high school, I aspire to be a writer and would like to improve my writing skills. To do this I am going to read a book from a different author each week for the next 52 weeks. After I have read the book, I will do a short review. (About 1 paragraph)

To get started here is my first review, of James Norcliffe’s book The Enchanted Flute.

The Enchanted Flute

The Enchanted Flute is an interesting book about, as the name suggests, a strange enchanted flute. The main character Becky discovered the flute at a pawn shop after her old flute had broken. This new flute creates trouble however, and sends Becky, and her friend Johnny, into a magical adventure they will never forget. I found the book very interesting and exciting, and it always had something new to throw at me. However despite the sense of excitement it created I was left feeling unsatisfied when the mysteries were unveiled. Still, all things considered I found this to be a good read.



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