Standback’s Musings on “Too Like The Lightning”

In the past year-ish of my life, it’s become a minor goal of mine for people to discuss Ada Palmer’s debut novel, Too Like The Lightning, from now and until eternity. It’s just that kind of book.

Here I’m collecting my own thoughts and musings on Too Like The Lightning.

Themes In “Too Like The Lightning”

My attempt to summarize what, IMHO, Too Like The Lightning is really all about, and why I find it so intriguing and resonant. It’s meant to be kind of a walk-through of the themes’ construction, so, ummmm, it took me three essays to cover.

  1. The Precariousness of Coexisting in Utopia
  2. Five Reasons the Seven Hives are Collapsing
  3. …But Perhaps, The Stars: Optimism and Increments

Other Essays

“Too Like The Lightning” Punches Everyone In The Face: What TLTL’s Aggressive Misgendering Is For
Some thoughts on the books use of gender and misgendering, in response to D Libris’s post “The Problematic Presentation of Gender in Ada Palmer’s Too Like the Lightning.”

Other People Talking About TLTL

Camestros Felapton has made a handy compilation of reviews and reactions (his own review is here).

/r/TerraIgnota is a subreddit devoted to the series.

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