Important Teeworlds Techniques That Can Turn The Tide of The Game

Article are based on personal experience, analysis of a game and how I understand the game.

Overall Game Tempo: What is this and how to get it

I am absolutely sure, that all had a situation when you couldn’t react to the opponent in due time or even lagged behind for a few seconds. For example, we can take this moments.

From TeeWorlds Movie 14. Speed 1x

To get such advantage in speed and time, we need understand where the opponent intends to shoot, how to dodge it and sometimes even get a flag with minimum risk for yourself, you have less than 180 milliseconds. If you aren’t in time behind the movements of the enemy, then remains only to predict his next movement.

From TeeWorlds Movie 14. Speed 1x

As you see, we weren’t ready for this speed and couldn’t repel the attack in time, but later we have improved (with big problems) thanks to Pata’s mistake.

Without adjusting to the enemy’s tempo you can be killed or even lose all game. Unfortunately for players with slow reaction, only prediction of actions will help in this situation. Players, who are prepared for that speed can overcome this in a ratio of ~60 to 40 in serious game.

Synchronization With Team Members

Not always necessary, but useful and difficult to perform technique of synchronization with player of own team, which I’d want to disclose. The difficulty is that you need to monitor both actions of the enemy and actions of your partner.

From TeeWorlds Movie 14

You can adjust to the game of your partner, predict where your partner will shoot and attract the enemy on a grenade to increase the chances of success defense or attack. Everything depends on you, the most important thing is that it’s possible.

Prediction Timing - Formidable Weapon

From TeeWorlds Movie 13

The sense is that it’s necessary to know (or guess this) how your opponent will be moving, what he will do, when and where he will shoot and predict his next step. After shot, come to the safe position to avoid enemy’s grenade. For that you have to play against many players to learn them playstyle, habits and use this against others. Besides, it is necessary to feel a game, grenade flight speed, her distance and elapsed time, if you play on grenade mode more than 2 years it will not be a problem for you.

From TeeWorlds Movie 13

CallMeGod had 2 ways, around top (too long, safe for player with flag and risky one for own flag) or run to the center of a base (fast and safe way as he thought, he did not expect that I would be waiting for him). I chose the best option based on his customs and shot before he appeared on static camera. Gif for more detail.

From TeeWorlds Movie 13

On the other side it can seem random shot for other players, but if you know what you are doing — this can be a formidable weapon against enemies. It is very difficult to offer something contrary to this, of course except like devil’s reaction or dynamic camera.

Difficult And Risky Evades

In the last paragraph of the article I want to disclose the most difficult technique that will help you in risk situation. That evades is very useful if enemy is shooting in the center of tee, but not much effective versus prediction shots. Consider two variants of evades, versus real player and versus vBot aim.

From TeeWorlds Movie 13

Having looked at a gif image completely, you saw in what situation I was and how I have improved. When it seem that Bada has driven me into a corner, I sharply hooked the right platform for change of a trajectory of my falling and made comeback. Bada didn’t expect such a turn of events and was punished of that. It’s also necessary don’t forget that a real player can just predict the path of your evade and that situation will destroy your plans (that really not hard).

From TeeWorlds Movie 15
From TeeWorlds Movie 15. Speed 1x

The second variant, vBot shoot only to the center of tee without calculating the speed of movement, that good for fast players. On the way to the flag, the bot immediately starts to shoot and later hook me. To break the hook, I have fly to the top of map and try to do rocket boost to enemy’s flag (the most effective way to break the hook in this situation).

From TeeWorlds Movie 15

After my rocket boost, bot released a grenade to my past position that gave me more speed. Before landing I hooked the platform, that has given me additional speed in evasion to the right.

From TeeWorlds Movie 15

Since the bot is shooting at the center of the past position of tee, i’m successfully evade his slow grenade and finish him off. Thanks to these instructions it’s possible to evade the grenades in critical situations or at least try to avoid it, you need to be fast and feel a game well. This requires a lot of practice.

For most of skilled players >80% of information is already known, but I will be very glad if someone likes this article or even will help. Thank you that have read up to the end.

Writing article 19.09.2017.

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