As the Semester Ends + Logging Off Social Media - December Journal

As the semester comes to an end, I am thinking about how I ventured into writing these stories on Medium to share another side to me beyond what you would typically read about online or see on social media. I have come to a conclusion that a monthly journal instead of by week or by day or by hour will help keep me accountable going forward and sharing that story.

It is the end of the semester where final projects and final exams are taking place and it’s also almost the end of the year — during this time I am most drawn to looking at what I have done (or what I haven’t done) thus far.

To be honest, this year for sure I tried bite off more than I can chew and subsequently failed at some areas of my life and I am starting to see the effects of that now. It happens. Creatives, entrepreneurs, workaholics, and others alike do that.

It’s funny because every time I talk to someone and talk about what I am doing (going to school full-time, working a 9–5, running a web development business, writing a book, building a non-profit for Bunnies), the person I am talking to is like “Wow, that’s a lot! Do you sleep?” and immediately “Wait, how old are you?”

When I say I have lived 21 years of life and I do actually sleep (mostly because I have to). People are shocked. They would then say, “You’ve accomplished alot in 21 years!” and I find it still unsettling to hear because in my mind, I have accomplished nothing.

I delayed my book publishing. I relaunched my courses and programs. I put off editing my podcast episodes. I didn’t meet my business goals. I did not put enough effort in some of my classes this semester. I did not quit my current 9–5. I did not find a way to schedule the things I want to do.

So with 2017 coming to an end, it only feels natural to think about what I did do this year because although there are so many things that were moved or changed or just left undone, I want to walk into 2018 growing from the steps I took this year.

So let’s take a look at 2017:

In January, I did my annual Plan Your Business Goals workshop and started to work on one of my programs, the DIY Business Plan Course which has yet to be launched. I focused on creating Fluffy Merch for my pet bunny, Fluffy and spent most of my time at home with him

February, I turned 21, had my first adult drink, discovered Matcha tea at Jamba Juice, attempted to cook with HelloFresh, moved in back with my Mom, and bought my first car!

March, I start to learn how to drive, started hosting Business Brunches in NYC over at the Altitude Guild, and started my job as a Technical Recruiter.

April, was a hard one. In April, Fluffy was ill and was diagnosed with GI Stasis (what is known as the “silent-rabbit killer” and what can be compared to what happened to me in October 2016 — appendicitis). I took a couple trips to the Vet and had to nurse the little guy back to help by feeding him his meds and meals by syringe. He fully recovered sometime in early May. I had to stop paying for my office space to cover medical bills for Fluffy.

May, financials were a weak asset during this month. It wasn’t just the medical bills — the constant moving and travel expenditures from daily commutes added up! I proceeded to become a Postmates Fleet member and delivered food during my lunch breaks and after work for some extra cash while WALKING. I walked 12 miles a day making deliveries and lost a whole lot of weight. My tummy was flatter than its ever been!

June, I was promoted at my 9–5 and my finanicals were picking up again, but I was working more and home less. Fluffy started getting frustrated in his small space and so I decided to move to my own little apartment. Fluffy was then cage-free 24/7 and much happier!

July, I started to adjust to being on my own. Cooking for myself, buying groceries, doing my own laundry, balancing seeing my Dad, my Mom, and my sisters as well as going out with friends for dinner and drinks more often.

August, I went on some summer excursions, beaches and boardwalks, going out to movies, a few lunch and dinners and new restaurants here and there, focused on work, drove everywhere, and celebrated Fluffy’s 3rd Birthday (only after I found out that he’s about 2 years old).

September, spent more time with my family on the weekends, started the Fall 2017 semester, started paying off my debts, and tried to have fun as much as I can in between. The amount of selfies I took during this time was ridiculous, but it shows how I put my best foot forward every single day balancing everything that I was doing.

October, went back to being semi-blonish, started planning for 2018, watched a lot of The Carrie Diaries (okay all episodes like 1000x times), fell in love and became obsessed with the idea of being in NYC and so I consistently found excuses to commute there and I ended up being in the city for the Synergy Global Forum at Madison Square Garden, shopping around and working there often, and it forced me to put myself out of my comfort zone. Towards the end of the month, I even went to a masquerade ball, and accepting that Halloween would be a normal work day for me.

November, I spent most of this month obsesseed with things out of my control, feeling like 2017 will be ending, and shaking things off my to-do lists for my clients, school, and work while trying to juggle my home life and it has honestly been the most overwhelming month of the year. I even pushed off the deadline for my book, Find You Wavelength which was initially going to be November 7th.

December, just started but I want to take time off the social meeds, and just being absorbed by conversations and stories I don’t want to be a part of. I will still document my days and might post them on Instagram Stories or Snapchat (-fluffyandzobia), but ultimately I want to steer away from all things social networks for some time just to see what its like and if anything comes of it.

I am aiming to do some good things in 2018 with my business and continuing what I started. I already scheduled what will now be my annual Plan Your Business Goals Workshop for January 10, 2018 and can’t wait to continue to learn and grow next year! Here’s to creativity, properity, and joy in the upcoming year!

Until then,