The Ultimate Guide To Reinventing Yourself
James Altucher

Hi Mr. Altucher,

Last month a friend recommended me this article. To be honest, I haven’t finished reading it until now. Several days after reading the guidelines A-M, I quitted my job, I went to Beijing to see some friends, I wrote some aritcles for my dear ex-colleagues, I started to do everything I really want to do at the moment. I must thank you, Mr. Altucher, because I have to admit, to some extent your article helped me make the decision hided in my deep heart.

Now the question comes at last. I want to translate this article into Chinese, I want more Chinese people can get these helpful guidelines easily. But my friend (the same one who recommended your article) advised that I ask your permission first. I think his advice makes sense. I am not any kind of opinion leader and I just want to translate it and share with my friends. But I still wonder if you are happy to let me do so.

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

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