Splitwise: A UX case study
Tanvi Kumthekar

Hey Tanvi! I’m Zoe, the product manager at Splitwise. Thanks for engaging so thoughtfully with our app and for sharing your thoughts here. I have some feedback that I hope will be helpful: 
- The pain point you identified that most resonated with me / my research is the need to send reminders over channels other than email. I’m considering push more strongly than SMS, for deliverability and economic reasons. Pushes are also really nicely actionable: “Tap to repay Tanvi now!” -> settle up screen is a flow I’m excited about. A fascinating fact is that settling up is actually quite rare on Splitwise! People generally prefer to Splitwise each other back and forth in an attempt to hover around 0. Tripmates settle up more than other types of users (housemates, couples, friends, colleagues), usually at the conclusion of the outing. This doesn’t mean reminders aren’t important, it’s just cool context that I wanted to share with you.
- In our experience, folks who care about spending totals / budgeting / charts are a small but passionate “power user” cohort. While I agree that we could to do a better job surfacing that info and honoring their needs, my research indicates it would be a mistake to center such functionality over basic expense entry / viewing expense lists. Given that, I might push you to revisit 7.1 and 7.2. 
- I like your search screens! This is something we’re already working towards. Our users seem particularly interested in searching expenses by person ie. “see all expenses with Tanvi” (group and non group). 
All my very best, 

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