Sarah FioRito of Kickstand

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I check the clock several times during Sarah FioRito’s interview, not out of impatience, but because the more Sarah talks, the more questions I have. …

In case anyone was wondering what had happened to me over the last few weeks, I’ve been more than completely occupied in the making of a mini-documentary on Kickstand, a lovely community bike shop in East Van.

I can’t post it and won’t be able to for a number of months, as I’ve submitted it to a pretty large selection of festivals across the planet, but I can post the trailer…

*EDIT* — the waiting period for festivals is over now (March 10, 2019) so the link below is the complete 12-minute mini doc. …

John Kastelic and Tony Kastelic — violists/singers — Salt Thief

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John (left) and Tony (right) Kastelic

Coming up the stairs from the Granville Street Skytrain platform I hear voices singing. As I get closer, the low alto of violas becomes audible beneath the voices. Then I see them. The bearded brothers Kastelic, once known as the band No Mothers and now known as Salt Thief.

I pull out my camera, shooting some quick video for their ongoing, busking-funded album campaign, #buskingupastorm. Though we’ve only shared a stage on a handful of occasions, I’ve known about the Kastelic brothers for years, mostly because of their rare ability to play a fretless, un-keyed instrument while singing. …


Vancouver-based violinist, illustrator, and author of Insatiable Machine. Loves being outside more than just about everything - except maybe dogs.

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