Sarah FioRito of Kickstand

I check the clock several times during Sarah FioRito’s interview, not out of impatience, but because the more Sarah talks, the more questions I have. As we begin to run low on time, the conversation hops lightly across a range of topics encompassing de-colonization, queer thought, collective decision making, and housing security, all of which I want to know more about. In an attempt to glimpse the roadmap Sarah uses to find, navigate, and examine these topics, I inquire which ports of call are best for keeping oneself informed. …

In case anyone was wondering what had happened to me over the last few weeks, I’ve been more than completely occupied in the making of a mini-documentary on Kickstand, a lovely community bike shop in East Van.

I can’t post it and won’t be able to for a number of months, as I’ve submitted it to a pretty large selection of festivals across the planet, but I can post the trailer…

*EDIT* — the waiting period for festivals is over now (March 10, 2019) so the link below is the complete 12-minute mini doc. …

John Kastelic and Tony Kastelic — violists/singers — Salt Thief

John (left) and Tony (right) Kastelic

Coming up the stairs from the Granville Street Skytrain platform I hear voices singing. As I get closer, the low alto of violas becomes audible beneath the voices. Then I see them. The bearded brothers Kastelic, once known as the band No Mothers and now known as Salt Thief.

I pull out my camera, shooting some quick video for their ongoing, busking-funded album campaign, #buskingupastorm. Though we’ve only shared a stage on a handful of occasions, I’ve known about the Kastelic brothers for years, mostly because of their rare ability…

Jordan MacKinnon of The Bike Co-op

Jordan MacKinnon looks up from the drive train of his “do-everything” winter bike, Moonshine. The rear wheel spins, high off the ground in the repair stand at Our Community Bikes, clicking healthily as Jordan frames his thoughts. “What makes a city,” he says, starting slowly, “outside of the buildings, the infrastructure, the jobs, I mean… what makes a city are the spaces where people are doing work that isn’t paid work. And spaces that are free.”

I’ve been watching him tinker with Moonshine for about half an hour. In that time our conversation has…

Brandy Fedoruk and Rebecca Ann Dolen of The Regional Assembly of Text and its lowercase reading room.

Inspiration often comes when you least expect it.

Somewhere in my family history someone bought an Oliver typewriter. It is the size of a dozen laptops stacked atop one another and weighs enough to leave thin slices in my fingers when I move it from place to place. When I try to type with it, the tape bunches and the keys stick, splaying in every direction but the one that will leave an impression on paper. I don’t usually try to type with…

Chris Brayshaw of Pulpfiction Books

Chris Brayshaw looks at me sideways. There’s something intriguing ticking around behind his eyes. “Do you want to see a secret thing?”

We’re sitting in the Gene Coffee Bar at the corner of Main and Kingsway, half a block from Brayshaw’s bookstore, Pulpfiction Books. The interview is over and I’ve pulled out my camera. “I’m not a huge fan of that typical shot. You know, head and shoulders, looking into the camera.” By this point in a conversation that has ricocheted from poetry to cuisine to Californian cacti to forgotten hardware stores this statement surprises…

A meditation on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Early morning, April four / Shot rings out in the Memphis sky / Free at last, they took your life / They could not take your pride.” — Pride — U2

The text you see me scribbling in this video is taken from a speech Martin Luther King Jr. gave one year (to the day) before his assassination fifty years ago on April 4, 1968. …

Elisa Thorn — Harpist

I meet Elisa Thorn at Prado Cafe on Fraser Street’s rapidly developing 25th Avenue corridor. When I arrive, I spot her by the window. She looks deadly serious. How Elisa looks like on the outside, however, is not usually how Elisa is on the inside.

“How are you?” I ask, expecting an answer laced with stress and worry.

She smiles and her eyes become bright. “So awesome.”

I am becoming accustomed to being surprised by the contents of Elisa.

Our introduction to one another came at the Western Front in the 2016 Vancouver Pro Musica Sonic…

Jesse Cooper of Our Community Bikes

Within thirty seconds of meeting Jesse Cooper at Our Community Bikes, he’s already introduced me to Sunny Nestler of the Bike Co-op. “You two should know each other,” he says, and fills Sunny in on why I’m standing in a bike shop with a camera and notebook. Over the next hour or so, it becomes apparent community building is a concept some corner of Jesse’s brain is always working on.

It’s raining as we walk next door to Bonchaz on Main and Broadway. As we enter, I rummage in my bag, not finding my…

Ben Coli of Dageraad Brewing

It was November a few years ago when I popped into the Beer and Wine on Denman and Barclay, a rare take-out meal in hand. In bag, actually. A rain-soaked, olive oil-saturated paper bag that was dangerously close to giving up altogether. Ducking into the shop, I pointlessly attempted to leave the rain outside and instead trekked wet footprints to the fridges in front of the counter. Since returning to Vancouver in 2012, I’d been gradually sampling my way through the local craft brewery offerings that had sprung up in my six-year absence. …

Zoe Robertson

Vancouver-based violinist, illustrator, and author of Insatiable Machine. Loves being outside more than just about everything - except maybe dogs.

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