What Is A Psychic Empath? Here’s How I Explain My Gifts!

Many of my Instagram followers have been asking this question as of late and I'm very excited (and blessed) to be able to give you all a rundown in this article.

My empathic gift is nothing new to me. In fact, I'm very sure that I was born this way. What is new to me is not my discovery of said gift but an accurate description.

It's a good thing that I enjoy reading for long periods of time because your spiritual journey will have you doing just that. It's really not a bad thing either!

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Learning Mind, explaining what a psychic empath is and the difference between this psychic gift and the emotion of empathy.

Many empaths can feel the emotions of others to some degree. However, the psychic empath has an intuitive understanding of others and the natural world that goes much further. Usually, people are born with this ability, however, it can grow and develop with experience. Many people don’t realize they are psychic empaths until later in life.

This ability is not the same as the normal human ability to feel empathy for other people. With empathy, people relate to another’s emotions, but they do not feel them as a psychic empath does. In addition, the extent of the information that the psychic empath can receive from others extends to beyond just basic feelings such as happiness or sadness. It can include a much broader spectrum of information that they sense from others and from the natural world.

Psychic empaths feel the world around them in strong emotional terms. Being a psychic empath is like having an extra sense: one that allows you to feel the emotional impact of the people, animals and even plants around you.Psychic empaths have a variety of abilities and they may use just one or all of the different psychic gifts.