The example you gave about food allergies is something I find very offensive.
Sirous Martel

I figured out your problem quite easily. You’ve been told for decades that your voice is meaningless and you’ve actually believed it. If you pay money into a system, you should have a say over that system. The fact that you honestly believe that you can be paying money into a system and not deserve a voice in it is depressing. Also, I feel like anti-social justice people seem to fail to realize one major point: we know how things are. We’re demanding they change and trying to change them. We know there’s an imbalance of power. We reject that imbalance and demand that if we’re going to be giving up enough money to buy a nice car or even a nice house that we have just as much power, because they’re creating poverty for us and then not giving us a voice. If you are paying someone, you deserve to have a voice in what they’re up to, because it’s your money funding it.

Think of mediums like television, film and music, where the producer, the one funding it, has a huge say over what the content of the work is. Do you know why? It’s because they’re the money. We are the money. We are the ones whose voice should matter, because without us they couldn’t exist. If people just refused to go to college, colleges wouldn’t be able to stay open and the world would be forced to change how it looked at college degrees.

You and people like you have created this sick blend of free market capitalism and fascism where corporations are allowed to do whatever they want, but if the consumer complains they’re evil censors trying to restrict the corporation’s freedom of speech. It’s an absurd Kafkaesque parody of capitalism where the customer is always wrong, and it’s getting almost self-parodic. You literally cannot name any other situation in which a consumer spends thousands and is expected to have no demands or expectations for the thing that they’re spending thousands on, because that’s idiotic. There are other colleges, so it’s not like there isn’t an equal “take my business elsewhere” thing either.

Also, for some odd reason you think that the colleges are the other patrons in my analogy when they’re clearly the restaurant. If someone tells the restaurant that they have an allergy and the restaurant still serves them that food, the restaurant is getting sued, and the restaurant isn’t going to win that lawsuit.

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