The Suicide Pact Between Marketing and Media
umair haque

See, I’ve been thinking about the ad problem and I’ve come up with a unique solution. Companies complain that adblock is taking their revenue away, but the truth is that they aren’t, the companies are driving their revenue away. If ads were “educational” or just generally differing, I’d still block them, and I think most people would too. I don’t care about content that I didn’t specifically choose to see, because my time is limited and I’m doing what I am doing right now, and thus do not desire to be torn away from that, regardless if the thing in question taking me away is in fact good. However, there is one thing that would motivate me to care about ads: a cut of the profits. You want me to generate income for you? Then I want a cut of that revenue. Any time you use a service to generate income, they take a chunk of it. There’s taxes from the government, service fees from things like Paypal, and plenty of other examples. So, if you want to use the service known as My Clicks and Attention, you’ve got to pay me for it. If consumers make it clear that the only way they’ll ever stop using adblock and start seeing and even clicking on ads is if they get a cut, we can hold the industry by the balls until they submit. If we don’t start acting like corporations towards the corporations, they’ll keep exploiting us. We need to exploit them back.

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