Blog Projects #2 & #3

Blog Project #2

Equal Education for All by Joanna Hoang

Format: Drawing

Audience: General Public of all different societies.

Analyze: The drawing points out all the different people that aim for education. In the middle of the drawing, three girls who are all different skin colors are holding hands symbolizing unity, as well as representing diversity in the school. For example, the girl on the right is wearing a scarf, she embodies a different religion from the other two girls as well as everyone else in the drawing. The caption, “No matter what race or religion, every child deserves the same education,” demonstrates the mixtures of both religion and race in one drawing.

Blog Project #3

Format: Photos

Audience: Family, Friends, and Society

Analyze: Gay marriage is becoming more accepting in our society as of today. Each wedding photo is from different cultures in America. For example, the women in the photos to the right come from different cultures. The woman on the right is of Polish descent and the women to the left is of Ethiopian descent. As a country, we have no right to take away the privilege of marriage from two people who wish to commit to a relationship with whom they love. Society has come a long way from the days of illegal interracial marriage.

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