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Active Directory User Provisioning: Staff

Management Made Easy

New employees joining your organization calls for a reliable

maintenance and monitoring. To ensure a smooth running of the work-

flow, it is necessary to have the best tools to create active

directory users. There is no denying of the fact that the Office 365

user provisioning gets complex with the increasing manpower.

Maintaining the office 365 user ids and passwords is a serious matter

and affects the overall administration of an organization.

Especially, if you do not have the rightful active directory user

provisioning tools, managing the admin tasks becomes quite hectic.

Active Directory is generally a database which audits the Office 365

user accounts of an organization in a flawless manner. It is the core

for the security and administration of the Office 365 user accounts

of the employees. Whether you want to create active directory user

account or manage the existing ones, a dependable AD user

provisioning tool is a must have.

Let us have a look at some of the amazing perks of having an advanced

active directory user provisioning tool for monitoring the user


Some of the benefits of Active Directory are discussed below:

 These tools optimize the overall productivity

 The IT department is not burdened with a lot of data

 Reliable and security environment for data management

 Reduced downtime

 Supports all the Active Directory user creation tools

The Structure Of Active Directory Tools

The Active Directory user provisioning is a hierarchical structure in

which all the objects can be easily viewed. There are different

layers of viewing levels in the active directory user provisioning

such as:

 Forests: This is a parental part which is used to monitor all the

trees and domains.

 Tree: This is a class in which all the domains can be viewed.

 Object: It is an element which features other objects with its

own properties.

The major aim of Active Directory user creation tools is to manage

these objects. The object can be in the form of a hardware or

software such as a desktop, printer, office 365 user account etc.

How Does The Active Directory User Provisioning


The Active Directory works on the principles to avoid the IT

department from getting overburdened by Office 365 user account

creation and management. Imagine the case when a new security update

has to be installed. It is practically not possible to update each

and every computer on the network one by one.

Things can be taken care of with Active Directory user provisioning

tools as all the system are a part of the forest structure, as

mentioned above. All you need to do is update one object.

The concerning objects on other systems, which are a part of the

forest structure are updated automatically. Moreover, the structure

is very flexible and making similar changes on a large scale is

relatively easy.

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