Introducing Google Apps User Provisioning In Your

Organization: The Big Step

Do you know that migrating to Google Apps is the easiest part of the

transition? What might be the challenging face is announcing the

change to your employees. More than the technical training, it is

important to address them socially to ensure that the Google Apps

migration is a success.

 Managing The Google Apps Provisioning “Denial”

This is a common scenario where the employees hear about a lot of

changes which are never practiced. You may expect the same with the

inception of Google Apps user provisioning tools. To ensure that the

Google Apps isn’t a mere IT proposal, the employees must be

officially addressed about the big change.

 Steering Away The Google Apps Provisioning


Now, this is something you might have come across, ‘I cannot work

without the Outlook or Excel I have been working with all my life’.

These are the signs which the employees display when they reach the

bargaining phase of accepting a new technology, which is Google Apps

user provisioning in this case.

Instead of dropping or replacing the Google Apps, introduce the

Google Apps user provisioning tools in phases. This will avoid the

case where the employees will have to understand the entire new suite

at once. Introducing Google Apps in your organization is like running

a marathon, you need to keep a steady pace and avoid draining


 Handling The “Rebel” Against The Google App


This is an undeniable fact that some of your employees might have

years of experience with Microsoft Outlook or similar tools. Asking

them to switch to the latest Google Apps will take them out of their

comfort zone. To keep the rebel level to the minimum, organize

training sessions and compare the tools in real time. Once the

employees realize themselves the benefits of Google Apps, they will

find it easy to get along with the tools.

 Managing The “Change Depression” with Google

Apps Provisioning

When the moment finally comes when your staff has to get rid of the

Microsoft Office, you cannot expect them to agree instantly. No

matter how advanced and better the Google Apps user provisioning

tools may be, the employees will always find it hard to give up the

software they have been using for a while.

This phenomenon is generally called as the“change depression”. The

best way to cope up with this is organizing various training programs

which highlight the benefits of Google Apps over Microsoft Office,

Outlook and similar old software.

 Executing The Google Apps User Provisioning


The only way to achieve the overall acceptance of Google Apps over

the traditional software is embracing the Google Apps completely.

Google offers a detailed checklist for management and Google Apps

user creation tools to ensure that the acceptance is a success.

Regardless of the department, the Google Apps user provisioning

should include availing Google apps to all the departments. Until the

adoption is on a full scale, your employees might think that it is a

temporary deal and refrain from getting along with it.

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