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Aug 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Scaling problems, robust infrastructure, operating costs, and time consumption are part and parcel of building and maintaining software architecture for your business. But what if I told you that you could build full-fledged applications without the inherent software architecture challenges? Even though the idea seems like a pitch for a movie set in Silicon Valley, we’re not far from that reality at all. Low-code platforms like Zoho Creator do precisely this, and much more. Developers can build, test, and deploy apps without worrying about servers, and focus on the prime objective. Want to know how your business can reach greater heights by going serverless? Let’s take a look.

Infrastructure — it’s nowhere and everywhere

Many of us wonder what the world could be if we all focused only on things we love and enjoy. For a business owner or amateur app developer, Zoho Creator is the best shot at achieving this. The low-code system lets you channel your focus on building on-demand business applications, without having to deal with the complicated backend. Also, with serverless platforms, you don’t have to troubleshoot hardware, run software patches, or perform manual upgrades.

Don’t get me wrong here; this doesn’t mean that servers don’t exist in this serverless system — your applications are still running on servers. Similar to how your WiFi has wires somewhere, serverless systems just keep their servers stationed at another location. With everything taken care of by your app development software — Zoho Creator, your only task is to build fantastic applications on its platform.

Availability — no more crashing and burning

Regardless of a company’s size or type, crashed servers are bad for business. For startups, the rise to fame can happen in an instant and result in a traffic influx that crashes your homebrew setup. For larger companies, an outage can result in lost users and lost revenue.

Serverless platforms like Creator make sure your applications are always prepared for traffic. With geographically isolated data centers designed for quick disaster recovery and to reduce potential downtime, your users never lose access and your application always performs at its peak.

Security — uncompromising data integrity

While going serverless, businesses are often concerned about security, and rightly so. With Zoho Creator, your applications and data are secured in the cloud with powerful ciphers and best-in-class encryption. Well-established firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, SOC2 certification, and TLS 1.2 make sure the only person accessing your data is you.

Scalability — always be prepared

The only thing constant is change. In the internet world, market demands are never static, and one should always be equipped with infrastructure that’s strong enough to handle it.

With serverless platforms like Zoho Creator, your business will be ready for any amount of growth. How do we do it? Zoho Creator’s servers scale automatically according to real-time traffic needs. Fast-acting load balancers distribute network traffic efficiently across servers in the quickest way possible. This way, your applications can always grow along with your business.

Bills — the smaller, the better

High monthly bills are horrifying, especially if you’re paying for more than you use. With traditional servers and systems, you’re paying for resources you might not need if server costs and internet traffic don’t add up. In a serverless system, your applications are running on multiple servers, thus reducing computing time, and maintenance, electricity, cooling, and any other costs associated with having a server are eliminated.

In short, you don’t have to waste thousands of dollars on engineers, maintenance, and hardware. Instead, you’ll have resources available to devote to the building, improving, and running your applications.


Worrying about servers and making compromises to accommodate them is a thing of the past, with serverless platforms like Zoho Creator. The platform gives you opportunities to dedicate more time and resources to enhance customer-facing features and overall efficiency. With Zoho Creator, you can think beyond data storage with shareable automatic apps, migrate with the click of a button, and scale efficiently, in real time. And if that wasn’t enough, any app you make in Creator comes with a mobile version — no extra coding required. How cool is that?

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