The Zen approach to designing a business system

Part 6: Use Cases/Business Scenarios

Julie, the owner of the bakery Cakes-&-Kisses (which makes yummy cakes for weddings and special occasions we discussed in our previous posts in this series) is all excited on making her business more efficient using Zoho Creator, the online cloud-based database and business application making software.

The last time we spoke of this, remember that we ended with a note asking what should you be checking before delivering an order? Payment, of course! So, how do you manage payments? It’s crucial to have the Order Management App linked to payments’ tracking. If you choose (or are already using) a full-fledged accounting system, then it is important that you keep that accounting system and the Order System in Zoho Creator automatically in sync. I would strongly recommend this because exporting payments in Excel spreadsheets, and then importing them into your separate accounting system can lead to lot of inconsistencies and human errors. It is worth spending the time and money to automate this critical part of your business since this directly affects your bottomline.

Julie is a shrewd business woman really keen on monitoring her finances. And that said, she has payment tracker built into Creator and integrated end-to-end with her accounting application. So when an order is marked ready for delivery, the system immediately checks for the payments status on that order. Here is the workflow diagram for what we just described:

And here’s the delivery workflow:

I believe that, after seeing some of the workflows, you realize why we need such workflows. They bring clarity to the table. Without workflows, if you simply have the process in your head, it doesn’t work out. There is always space for ambiguity and confusion. So, for every process in your company, please try to come up with a detailed workflow chart. It is worth every pixel!

In the next post, we will be talking about some of the simple yet vital things that will boost your productivity and value from the Zoho Creator App.

Until then, Aunt Ann challenges you to keep mulling over what those could be!

This is a guest post by Priya.Sri, CEO of CubeYogi. Seeded by a rich experience of about 15 years in the software industry with Fortune50 firms, she is passionate about the magic that software and automation help achieve in the real world, and in making businesses more productive. She publishes articles about best practices for businesses, sales and marketing teams. CubeYogi, leader in Zoho Solutions and Consultation, has been designing and implementing custom business workflows/apps for businesses, sales and marketing teams for close to 7 years now, having crafted experiences for more than 100 customers worldwide. Say thanks, point out their mistakes, or just chat over coffee with CubeYogi at or tweet to @cubeyogi.