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Developers chat and eat breakfasts before the first talks start

This was my second visit to Microsoft UK Headquarters for DDD and once again it was a fantastic day, with great speakers and entertaining talks.

As most of the talks were presented simultaneously in four different rooms, I can only report on a minority of them, but please share your own experiences as well and we can build up a complete report.

Thanks very much to these companies for sponsoring the event and making it all possible:

There are also links to slide decks and other people’s blogs.

Craig Phillips’ review covers talks by Andy Pike (Elixir), Sandeep Singh (GraphQL), Dave Mateer (Twitter Stream API, ELK Stack, RabbitMQ, Redis and High Performance SQL), the grok talks, Ian Russell’s Strategic Domain-Driven Design, and Stuart Lang’s talk on Async in C#.

First Session

Introducing Elixir: Self-healing applications at ZOMG scale by Andy Pike


Chris O’Dell gave the talk “You Build It, You Run It” (click for slide deck)

Adam Ralph explained “What is .NET Standard?”

James Mann discussed how to “Become a Bot Builder with Microsoft Bot Framework”

Second Session

Lions, Tigers and Hackers! Oh My! by Phil Winstanley


Goodbye REST: Hello GraphQL

Building a Modern Enterprise with UWP

Control your GitHub releases with GitVersion and GitReleaseManager

Third Session

Thinking Functionally in .NET 
by John Stovin


Fun with the Twitter Stream API — ELK Stack, RabbitMQ, Redis and High Performance SQL

Serverless with Azure Functions — as cool as can be

Introducing the LEDS Stack- Linux, Nginx, Dotnet, SQL Server

Lunchtime Grok Talks

“Markov, Trump and Counter Radicalization” by Gary Short

“Sketch Notes” by Ian Johnson

“Becoming an Awesome OSS Contributor and Maintainer” by Christos Matskas

“Lability” by Rik Hepworth

Fourth Session

10 More Things Your Need to do to Succeed as a Tech Lead by Joel Hammond-Turner


Using Machine Learning and Chatbots to handle 1st line Technical Support by Barbara Fusinska

Sketch Notes of Machine Learning and Chatbots by Ian Johnson

Building a better Web API Architecture using CQRS by Joseph Woodward

Strategic Domain-Driven Design by Ian Russell

Final Session

Building (micro) services in .Net by Sean Farmar


Scaling Docker Containers using Kubernetes and Azure Container Service
Async in C# — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Breaking the common myths around Artificial Intelligence

The End
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