Zombie Inu Recap of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

11 min readJan 9, 2022

The team had the incredible opportunity to attend the world’s largest consumer electronics show, known as “CES”, in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 5th–7th!

The below is a recap of the exciting trip and some of our insights into potential longterm opportunities for the Zombie Mob!

January 5 — Day 1

We started our trip in style by being hosted aboard a JSX flight. It was an incredible experience being able to easily jump right on board… even getting a chance to meet the pilot. The best part — they have an incredible pet policy and dogs fly for free!

We landed smoothly in Vegas and went directly to our hotel, Bellagio Resort & Casino, to check-in and pick-up our registration badges for the Consumer Electronics Show. The show was hosted at The Venetian and Las Vegas Convention Center, so after picking up our credentials it was time to hit the exhibits!

First stop after checking in was to head over to The Venetian Resort. While walking through the iconic casino, we saw a perfect message for the #ZombieMob, “WANT THE WORLD” — this was our motto for the trip. Every conversation we had during the showcase centered around how we can maximize our reach and global appeal for the ZombieVerse!

Upon entering the exhibit hall, we knew we were in the RIGHT place! The motto from CES, “You’re first in line to the future”, was an embodiment of everything at the showcase. It was inspiring to see such incredible technology up close and personal — most of which is not yet available to the general public!

To state the obvious, there is A LOT of really exciting technology that is being developed that will revolutionize our lifestyle and experiences in the very near future!

To start things off, we visited the booth from formlabs. They had some spectacular 3D printers to see! It is truly amazing to see what is now possible utilizing this revolutionary technology.

Next, we stopped by the tonies exhibit — a favorite toy for many of our kids!

After walking around the show hall at The Venetian Resort, we went over to the much larger Las Vegas Convention Center for the BIG show (split up amongst three massive halls in addition to a full outdoor setup.)

First stop was exploring the Panasonic exhibit! They showcased some of their upcoming technology with a big focus on sustainable energy and immersive experiences (something we are VERY focused on!)

It was exciting to see the way they are approaching their business and how they are focusing on different devices to allow you to feel “hot” and “cold” in the Metaverse by wearing a “PebbleFeel” device as well as reducing the size of VR headsets to make them easier for consumers to bring with them on the go!

Next, we walked to the TCL exhibit to see some of their XL screens and new audio devices. Their team was great and they had a really stunning display setup. It was clear that their team had spent a tremendous amount of time working on their new audio solutions, namely their sound bars. What an experience listening to surround sound on these yet-to-hit-the-market speakers. Not going to lie, the Zombie Mob Secret Society reveal video would sound incredible using them!

One of our absolute favorite exhibits of the entire trip was the Samsung experience!

They had some beautiful new mobile devices they were displaying — which will be perfect for our forthcoming Augmented Reality application!

Throughout the show, AR was a major theme — we loved seeing this as it was a huge re-enforcement for us; this technology is such a focus for so many incredible companies around the world — so clearly we are on to something!

Furthermore, our Strategic Partners at Augmently are pioneers in this space, holding several patents, and working with us to create some incredible new technology!

Samsung also had some incredible new TVs to display — most notably their NFT-enabled TV that will be able to show only the NFTs that you hold in your wallet. We envisioned the potential of our Zombie Mob Secret Society NFTs being displayed on one of these beautiful TVs very, very soon!

They also had some really cool new computer monitors — curved to give you an incredible perspective on game play, and the ability to have them setup vertically or horizontally! We cannot wait for our game to be played on one of these screens one day!

Next up was the Sony exhibit — and WOW do they have some incredible things coming!

For all you PS5 lovers, their new faceplate covers are really cool — there is a lot of focus on ‘customization’ and making everything fit aesthetically in your space. Since we are such big proponents of clean design, we love this new option!

Now this was something we did not expect to see… but it was beautiful in person. It is the upcoming Sony Vision S electric car! That is right… Sony is making an electric vehicle! Zinu will look great one day behind the wheel of one of these!

The Fintech section of the show was really interesting to see how much larger this area has grown over the years.

With that said, the safety of our holders is always at the forefront of our minds, so learning more about Arculus and their cutting edge technology was truly fascinating. They have some amazing new security measures coming to better protect consumers interacting with the blockchain — which we love to see!

It was then time to head back to the room and enjoy the view of the Las Vegas Strip for a minute. While enjoying the fountain show from above, we had a conference call with a potential production partner for our physical collectibles. Similar to KAWS or Be@rbrick, we are working to create Zinu physical collectibles that members from the #ZombieMob around the world will want to proudly display!

After the successful call, we went downstairs to check out the resort. After all, you cannot go to Las Vegas and not stop by the casino!

January 6 — Day 2

We were greeted by the perfect thing to see upon entering the convention center… “NFTs. Blockchain. Welcome to tomorrow.”

This was another reminder (there were a lot of them!) that we were in the perfect place!

One of the most interesting setups of the convention was Sierra Space. Their vision is to “enable humanity to begin new civilizations beyond Earth.” While the idea is so massive it is almost unbelievable, their plan for execution sounds like this is all very realistic — and within our lifetime. Their focus is to bring this technology first to support scientific research, tourism, and movie productions filmed in space! After hearing this… our wheels started spinning on the possibilities longterm of actually bringing Zinu to space!

Speaking of space, we enjoyed stopping by the NASA booth to talk about this future trip to the moon!

Bird was a company we were really impressed by. Their focus on new modes of transportation and ability to disrupt an industry was inspiring. This was another reason we wanted our team to visit CES — to be inspired by other successful companies shaking up their competitors and creating new opportunities for themselves!

As a global traveler, stopping by the Garmin showcase was a necessity; and they are definitely creating some very cool “wearables” for exploring! We can definitely see members of the #ZombieMob in the future showcasing Zinu’s travels to some amazing destinations!

Amazing destinations that produce some incredible moments! And capturing those special moments with the best in photography — on that point Canon does not disappoint!

In addition to their incredible cameras, this year Canon centered their exhibit around their new 3D VR camera lens! We definitely see opportunities in the future to utilize this technology as it produced some awe inspiring results.

The absolute coolest thing we saw the entire trip was the brand new BMW iX Flow wrapped in E Ink digital paper technology! The car, all by itself, would change colors! Seeing this type of technology in person was not only incredibly impressive — but yet another example of how new technology is really pushing the limits on what we know to be possible!

After an incredible second day at the convention, it was time to go take in the iconic dancing fountain back at Bellagio reflect on another successful day!

And maybe a little time enjoying ourselves at the casino… “When in Rome”, right?

Speaking of Rome… had to swing by Caesars Palace!

Anyone recognize this lobby and the hilarious movie scene filmed here?

Since it was our last night, we had to get a quick bite to eat at Tao Asian Bistro before our final day at the convention.

January 7 — Day 3

Waking up to this view will be missed!

Las Vegas is truly an inspirational city — being able to spend time with the team in this setting really produced some HUGE ideas (and opportunities!) that we believe will yield some incredible results in the future for the #ZombieMob!

Arriving to the convention center for the final time and seeing a couple of things we are hyper-focused on… Immersive Entertainment, NFTs, Blockchain… to name a few.

Speaking of NFTs… somehow the Zombie Mob Secret Society decided to show up and make a special appearance at CES!

Back to the convention floor, we really enjoyed seeing the exhibit from Razer. Not only do they have some really, really comfortable chairs coming out — but this photo is of their new Project Sophia which converts your desk into a modular computer! The possibilities of this technology in terms of user experience is really exciting for our future!

Something about this screamed Zombie Apocalypse to us…

Though this vehicle is not quite as prepared for the #ZombieMob, the Togg electric vehicle concept was still quite impressive. The interior was stunning and the dashboard reminded us all of Minority Report… the future is here!

After an almost non-stop 48 hours it was time to head back home!

Spending this time together with the team exploring exhibits from some of the most successful companies in the world was simply remarkable. We were able to have phenomenal discussions, meet with several revolutionary brands, and be inspired beyond belief!

The future is very bright for the #ZombieMob!

Finally landing back home after an amazing trip! A huge thank you to JSX for the easy and safe flight!

One last picture from the trip with Zinu and the Embraer ERJ aircraft featuring improved lighting, noise-reduction, and luxury trim and finishes!

We really had an incredible trip and look forward to reaping the benefits from all of the doors that were opened!

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