Launch of the ZooDAO Testnet

3 min readFeb 4, 2022

The ZooDAO team is excited to announce the launch of our testnet in two stages, beginning with a private testnet for supporters and peers in the DeFi space, followed by a public testnet for the ZooDAO Community and others. These two stages will take place consecutively, with the private testnet expected to last for two weeks in February.

The testnet is hosted on Kovan, an Ethereum test network that allows for blockchain development testing before deployment on the Ethereum Mainnet. The testnet operates in parallel to ZooDAO’s main blockchain infrastructure, enabling us to test functionality of the dApp’s features and resilience before deploying more widely.

Private testnet

The purpose of the private testnet is to solicit feedback from highly knowledgable peers in the cryptoverse, enabling improvements to the user interface, user experience and functionality of the dApp. A key benefit of engaging collaborators from NFT projects at an early stage is the ability to identify how we may improve the user experience with NFT projects and their users in mind. Who better to provide insight than the teams from UniverseXYZ, Divine Anarchy, MoonCats, Cupcats, and Hashmasks — our closest collaborators and supporters of ZooDAO’s solution to NFT Utility.

The private testnet is scheduled to last approximately two weeks , and includes peers from, MakerDAO, Chainlink, Balancer, Barnbridge, Aragon and APWine participating. So far, feedback has been enormously constructive and provided a great deal of insight into opportunities for improvement.

Public testnet

The objective of the second stage — the public testnet — is to collect performance data of the dApp under dynamic conditions and at a larger scale than in the private testnet. The support of the community will be critical at this stage, as the team monitors the activity on the dApp and identifies opportunities for improvement. Most importantly, the testnet will allow us to continue to launch with a fully functional, decentralized and scalable solution on the blockchain that we have absolute confidence in.

During the public testnet, users will be requested to ensure the dApp functions as expected, provide feedback on the sequence of interacting with NFT Battles, and more. For a limited number of users, we may request task-oriented testing, for instance simulating an NFT Battle from start to finish, staking and un-staking an NFT, or other more complex processes.

Feedback on the testnet can be submitted through a dedicated channel on the ZooDAO Discord.

Full transparency

To ensure we maintain the trust of our community and users, we are releasing our code on GitHub for users to explore. Any changes to the code undertaken during the testnet process will be reflected in the GitHub code prior to mainnet launch.

Important information on the ZooDAO Testnet

The public and private testnet launch is not a full launch of ZooDAO’s dApp and is not a token distribution event. Tokens in the testnet are not transferable to the mainnet. There are no incentives to participation in the testnet. To avoid scams, users should stay alert and follow instructions for participation in the testnet published by the ZooDAO team on Medium rather than tutorial videos and other non-official sources.




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