ZooDAO: The Brains of the Operation

3 min readOct 15, 2021


Back in 2011, the crypto world looked quite different from what it does today. At the risk of sounding like your grandfather, back in the early days, it was a lot more work; there were no well-thought-out UIs, or sexy looking dApps to interact with. It was a whole lot harder to get your hands on bitcoin, and even harder to keep it safe. Today, the world looks quite different; the market has matured significantly, new technologies pop up every few weeks and the on-ramps to crypto continue to be built by passionate people.

ZooDAO is built by a group of those passionate developers — crypto geeks — the kind who definitely wish they hadn’t lost hadn’t lost a few hundred bucks of Bitcoin in the Mt. Gox hack of 2014. We’re looking to build a use case for a technology we’re all passionate about, to fill a gap we wish had a solution back when we each bought our first NFTs.

Meet the passionate minds behind ZooDAO:

Our Values

In building ZooDAO, we defined core values that permeate everything we do for the community. We are pleased to share commitments to our users, the DAO and the community at large:


We understand the value of a trust-based relationship, within the DAO and community at large. Success of ZooDAO relies on trust: users trust us with their NFTs and digital assets, while we trust the community to make the best decisions for the future of ZooDAO through voting mechanisms. We strive to earn, and keep the trust of all of those whom we interact with.


ZooDAO is nothing without the participation of a broad range of projects — from the NFTs we integrate to the decision-making engines and yield providers. We strive to advance interoperability in the DeFi and NFT space, building a better future state for the community.

Fair Play

Ensuring the integrity of our platform and gaming mechanism requires robust fair play controls — all of which are embedded in our culture and practices. To ensure fair play, we built battles based on a no-loss principle. Regardless of outcome, no user should leave with less than they arrived with. For this reason, we also compensate gas fees, and equitably share yield with battle participants.

We believe blockchain technologies should serve a useful purpose, providing benefit to users and building the foundations for use cases of tomorrow. The team is grateful for the opportunity to serve this purpose and advance the use cases of ERC-721.




ZooDAO is the first community-governed platform enabling users to generate yield from their NFTs.