My Experience With White Nationalists in Charlottesville, VA
Jay Cleofe

As of right now, this article (that is nothing more than an entirely un-illuminating first-person account of being part of one of two lynch mobs of dumb, angry protesters in Charlottesville) has a grand total of one solitary “recommend” (most likely from the author himself). And yet it’s being promoted to me by Medium. The obvious question is why. And why, as I’ve now noted a few times, is every single one of the heavily promoted Medium stories about Charlottesville coming from the exact same perspective? (I’m not looking for a white supremacist perspective, but rather, one that is more nuanced and balanced and, most importantly, that does not embrace the very kinds of identity politics that are part of the problem, along the lines I’ve described here and here.) The answer to my question of why stuff like this is being promoted despite having one “recommend” and despite being a rather insipid description of a first-person experience that sheds no light on anything is that Medium and Medium Staff are hopelessly biased. I’ve made that case in some detail here:

Medium is trying to create a more “curated” experience that they want us to pay for. The question we have to ask is why in the world we should trust these amateurish hacks to curate anything remotely balanced or remotely interesting.

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