You have completely missed the point of Didi Delgado’s article.
Erin Michele

As Shachar Haad already wrote in response to you, you can’t take a few out-of-context quotes from an article that repeatedly advises people to punch cops and say that, well, what it’s really saying is that if more people went around doing that, it would show that racist extremists like The DiDi Delgado aren’t really that extreme. The overall message is still go punch cops, and it’ll make things better for the rest of us by making our non-violent bitter racism more palatable.

I should also note that this argument you’re describing would be sort of like a white separatist/white nationalist writing an article saying, “Go punch black people, and if more people did that, everyone would see that my position asking to live in a white-only nation isn’t really that extreme.” You can always come up with something that’s even more extreme than your own extreme position, in other words, but that doesn’t really make your position any more inherently defensible.

The last thing I’ll say is to offer a brief response to this gobbledygook that you wrote:

Additionally, the single Medium article that you posted in support of your claim that “cops aren’t killing black people” is incredibly problematic in many ways, but my strongest takeaway from it is that while it talks about the role of poverty in increased crime rates, it does not consider the historical and structural reasons why so many people of color live in high-poverty areas, and the role that policing, police bias, incarceration, and criminal charges have played in both building our country (think about the revenue from chain gangs and forced mining to the pennies-on-the-dollar work prisoners do) and stripping POC of civil rights and most employment opportunities after incarceration.

First, I’m not relying on a single Medium article to make my point. The article is just a good summary that cites to and links to many sources of data. If you really want to take a deep dive into this data, however, I give my highest recommendation to David Shuey, who is not some dug-in crazed right-winger, but rather, an intellectually honest liberal (I also do not consider myself conservative, by the way) who has posted some incredibly detailed and data-driven work on this issue. He documents all of his assertions with citations to the underlying data. Here is just one article from him (I could’ve chosen many others) to get you started.

Second, I do not in any way deny the role of black poverty in the whole issue of black crime and higher policing of black neighborhoods. I’ve repeatedly stressed in many Medium posts that disproportionate black poverty, rather than race, is at the root of the issues afflicting the black community. Nor do I deny that what you call “historical and structural reasons” have played a major role in the present-day reality of black poverty, though they don’t account for it fully, of course. But let’s not distract from the issue I raised. The issue was specifically, whether there is really an epidemic of anti-black police shootings being driven by racism or bias. The answer is no. Saying otherwise is irresponsible. Trump and the conservative blogosphere, in other words, don’t have a monopoly on “fake facts.” The nuts on the left create many of their own, and the mainstream media often helps them turn those fake facts into a full-fledged alternative reality.