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Based on your own post, I take it that in your mind, the surest sign of a good debater is a high count in the all-important metric of profanities-per-paragraph, in which department you’ve managed to excel. As an exercise, I’d suggest you read through your post and identify any actual arguments that you made.

As far as whether or not there’s an epidemic of cops killing blacks, the post I linked to is full of statistics making the point that there is no such epidemic. The data has been presented many times in many sources, but the mainstream media is too scared of the PC police and too wedded to the continued moneymaking potential of selling gullible fools like you on the narrative of racist cops to present any of the many data-driven refutations out there to their readers. If you want to challenge your complacent, preconceived worldview like someone with intellectual integrity might do, I’d suggest you actually familiarize yourself with the argument against your position before making up your fragile mind on the subject. If, on the other hand, you just want to curse and emote and persist in your anti-intellectual groupthink, please by all means, don’t bother reading anything …. You’ll (continue to) sound like an uneducated, uncouth vulgarian, but don’t let that stop you.