Reich is so damn right, cause Clinton could get this so damn wrong

Corporate Clinton is the last person on earth who’s going to be in there fixing corruption of any sort. Her proposals on that score are going to get watered down and unrecognizably transformed by the big-money players and special interests to which she’s beholden. As Bernie Sanders pointed out time and again, you don’t become the candidate of Wall Street, funded by all the establishment powers-that-be, without their knowing that they can expect their quid pro quo in return from their hand-picked candidate. The only thing she’ll do is try to make it easier for the Democrats to grow their constituency of minority voters (since they know they can’t win the white vote anymore), but that’s essentially thinly veiled gerrymandering rather than true political reform. Hillary Clinton is not even close to progressive, has changed her positions shamelessly on issue after issue in response to opinion polls and leads from behind. She is also a candidate who has never met a foreign war or military intervention she didn’t like, and each of these foreign wars and interventions has made conditions worse, not better, creating hotbeds of instability and extremism in the Middle East and beyond.

Donald Trump may not be an above-board, squeaky-clean candidate by any stretch, and he’s vulgar and crude and a political novice, but at least, he’s not in anyone’s pocket other than his own, he says whatever is on his mind at the moment, and he has all the right instincts about America’s cancer of political correctness that has now culminated in an epidemic of anti-white racism and cop-killing (which I discuss in more detail here:, costly and destructive foreign wars and self-destructive trade deals and immigration policies. Plus, he is not some crazed religious nut like the rest of them in that party, so his focus is on real policy issues that matter rather than on infiltrating our schools with creationism, gay-bashing or the abortion sideshow. As I’ve argued here (, between these two, Trump’s actually the progressive candidate.

With that in mind, if this election is about choosing the lesser of two evils, there’s actually a very clear choice, and his name is Donald J. Trump.