I’m going to be brief.
Heather Nann

Dear Ms. Nann:

I think your “response,” if it may be dignified by that name, says much more about you than it does about me. Why don’t you substitute the word “black” for “white” in your last sentence and see how it reads: “Shoo, angry, little, [black] man. Shoo.” In other words, you’ve done an excellent job proving my point for me: racism against blacks is now taboo, as it should be, but racism against whites is unconcealed, unapologetic and ubiquitous, and you and people like you are a big part of the problem. Before you write next time, I’d advise you actually to examine the empirical research I discuss here (https://medium.com/@Zoobahtov/enslaved-by-history-parasite-privilege-and-the-silenced-majority-98eeea6b6151#.beqqucsex), both regarding who is actually being bullied and silenced in our national conversation about these issues and regarding the repeatedly discredited myth of an epidemic of police brutality against blacks, educate yourself, stop mindlessly repeating things you’ve heard in order to get approval from your like-minded friends and hangers-on and start thinking for yourself. Then maybe you’ll respond with more mature civility and engagement rather than release a tiny spitball of mindless vitriol (it’s ironic, in that light, that you suggested I’m the one who’s angry, isn’t it?). I don’t need you to like me, agree with me or buy anything or everything I’m saying, but you do yourself a disservice when you fail to engage with actual arguments made against your position. You expose your own insecurity, fragility and weakness and, ultimately, you just make yourself look silly. Let’s elevate the discussion, not drag it down into the gutter. Let’s trade arguments, not insults. If more people did that, we’d have a much more interesting, engaged and sincere political discussion concerning issues of race, gender, class, sexuality and many other things, and we wouldn’t alienate a good half of the population in the process. I look forward to that, and if you ever want to respond with actual arguments rather than misdirected spittle, I’d be happy to think through them with you.

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