Equality activists are not anti-white, they are anti-white-racism and most importantly, anti-institutional-racism-that-favors-white-people-and-kicks-minorities-to-the-ground.
Hetty La

I suggest you spend some more time listening to the things these people are actually saying and reading the things these people are actually writing. Take a look at this piece that advocates punching white cops. Or read this incredible anti-white rant, entitled “White People Are the Villains in This Narrative.” Here’s an excerpt:

White people are the witches in the gingerbread houses. They are the liars and the tricksters of the “free” world that ain’t so free. They are the gatekeepers of information and the preventers of innovation. They are the petty tyrants of the neighborhood HOA and management in the office. They are the embodiment of failed dreams and hopes who never learned to play with others and instead kill the other children and steal their toys.
Greed. Pain. Rage. Selfishness. Murder. Self-destruction. Brutality. Death. These are the legacies of whiteness and nothing less than a complete purge of everything they value will bring the changes this society needs to embody justice.

Or here’s a piece entitled “Whites Only: SURJ And The Caucasian Invasion Of Racial Justice Spaces” that has statements such as this: “If history has taught me anything, it’s that there’s nothing more disappointing or dangerous than a room full of white people.”

Articles and statements like this are a dime a dozen today. They are all over Medium. They are all over our popular culture. You’re asking too much of people if you expect them to read and hear stuff like this and think, “Oh, yeah, I’m not offended by that because (s)he’s only fighting white racism, so all those broad nasty-sounding statements about all ‘white people’ and ‘whiteness’ aren’t really to be taken literally.”

The whole “anti-racism” excuse just doesn’t cut it any more in 2017. The mainstream of the identitarian movement has some time ago crossed far over that line where mere anti-racism ends and pure hatred of and racism against white people begins. When we ignore this reality and ignore the insanely inflammatory rhetoric we’re hearing and keep our head buried in the sand, what we get is precisely the kind of race war we got in Charlottesville. The virulent anti-white rhetoric that’s all around us now is feeding directly into a resurgence of white supremacy, the KKK, neo-Nazis and anti-black racists. If we don’t connect those dots, we’ll never solve the problem. We’ll just keep digging the hole deeper.

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