How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

I’ve made a similar point here,, including the point about our collective celebration of celebrities’ asses. Friends was a truly awful show, but it was also emblematic of a certain cultural moment where the gradual ascendancy of mass culture over high culture was nearing its apogee. At this point, we crossed that bridge some time ago, and now high culture is just a distant monument somewhere back there, being overgrown by the jungle cultivated by a generation of people taught to value themselves above the body of knowledge and learning that humanity as a whole has produced. The result is that we are seeing everywhere, whether in college protesters, #Blacklivesmatter activists, climate-change deniers or presidential candidates, the combination of ignorance and arrogance, certainty that one is great, inviolate and right coupled with an anti-intellectual rejection of all incursions of knowledge from without.

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