The defensive tone of this piece shows, I think, that the author knows he’s wrong.
Jamie Corbett

If by “defensive tone” you mean that I actually anticipated objections and rebutted them, that’s what’s known as “making an argument.” You can try it too. If you disagree with anything I wrote, you’re welcome to make an actual argument (as I did) rather than throw out sweeping, bald and unsubstantiated characterizations. Otherwise, no one has any reason to believe anything you’re saying.

For example, if you believe anti-white racism doesn’t exist, I invite you to read my detailed explanation of why that belief is mistaken, complete with a history of the word “racism” and a relevant discussion of the philosophy of language, and respond to it. Saying “There’s no such thing as anti-white racism, full stop,” as you did, is just an assertion, not an argument. Unsubstantiated assertions are the kinds of things Donald Trump puts out there and gets criticized for, so if it’s fair to criticize him for it (which it is), then it’s just as fair to criticize you for it, don’t you think?

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