I don’t know, I just think, as a white person, that the least we can do is listen to the often very…
Ella Milburn

If there’s going to be any sort of conversation that’s constructive rather than purely destructive, it has to be civil. Everyone’s angry. Black people are angry; white people are also angry (look at Trump’s supporters). You can debate till the cows come home whether one person or another person has the right to be angry, but that won’t get you anywhere, because they’ll still be angry. The point is that anger doesn’t give anyone the right to curse at and scream at and bully and silence others.

As for “privilege,” I think you’re just repeating trendy nonsense without thinking about it carefully. “White privilege” is a racist generalization, as I’ve described here. To just assume someone who is white has privilege, without knowing anything else about them, is the very essence of racism; it’s the same as assuming every black person has black entitlement. This is why we need to stop treating people as members of groups/races, etc., and start treating them as individuals. This is the ideal of the Civil Rights Movement, and it’s an ideal that’s a noble one that everyone in society ought to live by.

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