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If you want me to “fuck off,” to quote your elegant and refined language, feel free to block me and cower in your safe space.

You then write, “it[’]s you who is lying, you lying sack of racist shit.” Your thoughts are about as eloquent as your language here. What’s your evidence that I’m lying? You have none. You’re just attached to an ideological belief system that tells you what to think, and you can’t deal with the idea that reality might not conform to your preconceived prejudices.

Finally, you suggest that my only source for the view that there is no epidemic of shootings of blacks by cops is “[a]nother medium blog post.” I just finished responding to another person who made the same objection (though you should read her post, because she actually managed to get through several paragraphs without cursing or name-calling). I’ll quote the relevant part of what I wrote in response:

I’m not relying on a single Medium article to make my point. The article is just a good summary that cites to and links to many sources of data. If you really want to take a deep dive into this data, however, I give my highest recommendation to David Shuey, who is not some dug-in crazed right-winger, but rather, an intellectually honest liberal (I also do not consider myself conservative, by the way) who has posted some incredibly detailed and data-driven work on this issue. He documents all of his assertions with citations to the underlying data. Here is just one article from him (I could’ve chosen many others) to get you started.

I’m not a creationist, a climate-change denier, an Obama-birther or anything of that sort. I just follow the facts where they lead. Sometimes they lead me to “liberal” positions and sometimes they lead me to “conservative” positions, but I don’t consider myself either liberal or conservative and have a mix of views that go all the way from the extreme left to the extreme right and everything in between. Again, instead of just emoting and sounding uninformed and uneducated, you might want to actually delve into some of this data with an open mind (as I did), and then get back to me when you have some actual information that’s a bit more interesting than your vocabulary of four-letter words.

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