I disagree. Everyone does not have to use a fork.
Barbara Alexander

Okay, now think through the implications of what you just said.

Yes, technically, as you said, you can carry your chopsticks around and whip them out everywhere you go. But how is that going to look when you’re at an important work function or a guest invited for dinner at your future in-laws for the first time or going to eat at a non-Asian restaurant or just eating lunch in your school cafeteria? You’re going to look insane, offend people, give others the sense that you’re pretentious and supercilious and generally stick out like a sore thumb. This would be the same as an American going to a culture where the custom upon greeting people is to bow respectfully and, instead, go in for a big hug instead. Or it would be the same as going to a place where everyone dresses very conservatively and going around sporting a tank top and short shorts. It’s just an issue of basic respect and disrespect. When in Rome ….

Moreover, while it’s technically possible to go around carrying chopsticks if you don’t care about offending people and looking like you’re nuts, it’s not possible to go around expecting to speak your language of origin to everyone and have them understand you, and it’s not possible, in general, to expect American culture (or any other culture) to make itself over to accommodate you. There are some people who come here and live in ethnic ghettos, never learn to speak English and hardly interact with anyone outside their own original culture. I find this rather pathetic. It’s like, why did you bother coming to the U.S. in the first place? Just to take, take, take? To enjoy economic and political freedom and opportunity without even bothering to learn anything about the place where you live? This is a horribly myopic, self-centered and selfish attitude towards the world. You don’t have to recite the pledge of allegiance or go around chanting “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”, but just making an honest effort to learn about the place where you live, its language, its culture, its customs, its history, etc. seems like it’s not asking too much.